What End Citizens United Is Fighting For

Candidates that have strong ethics and beliefs in campaign finance reform get a strong backing from End Citizens United. This organization was started in 2015. The cause for creating this organization was due to how the Supreme Court ruled that candidates did not have to be open about their campaign’s donors or donation amounts. This basically gave the green light to illegal funding. This organization fights to get political candidates into office that do no take dark money donations from shady donors with hidden political agendas. The Washington, D.C. based organization is working very hard to prepare for the midterm elections. They are standing behind candidates who are willing to unseat current Republicans that have a track history of being connected to dark money funding in politics. View the group’s profile on linkedin.

Creating transparency in campaign funding is no easy task. End Citizens United works to create a level of fairness and transparency in the way campaigns are required to be ethical in their practices. The candidates that this organization endorse are able to benefit from the advantages of being known as candidates that believe in honesty and fairness with donor money. End Citizens United is supported by grassroots members. They have several districts in many states that help financially support the work of the organization. Most of the donors donate small amounts but the donations sponsor many great efforts by the group. The group is expected to the hit the goal of thirty five million dollars for the current election cycle.

Andy Kim, Brendan Kelly, Elissa Slotkin, Beto O’Rourke, Randy Bryce and Jacky Rosen are a few political candidates that have been supported by this group. There is one commonality between all of these candidates and that is the fair financial practices that their campaigns supported. Even some political figures who have already been elected to office benefit from the work of End Citizens United. All of these candidates carry the mission and passion of End Citizens United. The organization hopes to bring a sense of morality back to American politics. The group hopes to achieve that by endorsing the right candidates with the right morals.

Visit: https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261