Tempus Lab and Eric Lefkofsky

A company called Tempus Labs is helping physicians to securely obtain their current patients medical history from the point of where the person is being cared for. Recently a 110 million dollar fund raising event was held by Tempus Labs. The money went toward the advancement of the collection and study of the molecular and also clinical data of patients. They have developed a new app which allows doctors access to secure information about their patients.

The Tempus Lab app invention is now easily accessed on Google play or the App Store. It has been tested already with participating doctors across the nation. Physicians who wish to use this app can order it through Tempus Labs. The app can help with looking into different options for different forms of therapy for their patients. They could help the doctor search for clinical trials that their patient could use and qualify for. Tempus Lab would like to be able to achieve a highly accessible platform available to every doctor anywhere they are.

The 110 million dollar fund raising money that would help Tempus Lab also went into growing the operations that it already had and also to go into the study of cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders. The founder of Tempus Lab is Eric Lefkofsky. Currently he is the CEO of the company. The company is making a collection of clinical and molecular data of patients. A computer operating system is being assembled to make the medical data more available to doctors.

The Chicago based business made viewable to the general public a computer operating system called Tempus O. This system was created to cleanse, design and structure clinical data. This allows for more accuracy in medical conclusions. Eric Lefkofsky is associated with Lightbank as a founding partner. In 2006 he created the Lefkofsky Family Floundation. it is a charitable, private foundation. He works with his wife Liz on this. He is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is a professor at the University of Chicago. He is a graduate from the University of Michigan and achieved a Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law school.

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