Southridge Capital is a private equity company that offers financial advisory and structured capital to public companies. Steven Hicks, the Chief Executive Officer, founded the company in 1996. Since its inception, the company has invested over $1.8 billion in over 250 companies with financial constraints globally. Southridge Capital has an executive team that understands the market well and comes up with customized financing plans for each client. The company offers structured finance and financial advisory to growing companies.


Growing companies need financial analysis to project the future. The financial experts at Southridge Capital provide their clients with detailed financial projections of their expected performance. The company also helps companies optimize their balance sheet by coming up with a balance between debt and equity. Southridge Capital also helps their clients’ in the transition procedure from a private company to a public company.


Growing companies often merge with similar companies, but the process of finding a matching company can be quite cumbersome. Southridge helps their clients find companies whose model align with that of the existing client. The company also provides bankruptcy advice by negotiating and restructuring a client company out of bankruptcy as part of its financial advisory services. Southridge Capital helps their clients realize financing opportunities that are available whenever they are in a financial constraint. You can check out



In an interview with IdeaMensch, Steven Hicks explained how he started Southridge Capital. He was working with a small hedge fund when the principal decided to go back to Australia marking the end of his career at the firm. In the remaining one year when they would wound up the company, Steven requested the principal to start his own company while still working for him. Steven Hicks has over 30 years’ experience in the investment industry.

Southridge Capital is socially responsible and contributes to a number of charities. The management believes that volunteering impacts the society positively while at the same time strengthening the company. Steven Hicks and his wife began the Daystar Foundation that contributes time and monetary resources to the less fortunate in the society. The foundation has supported numerous charities as part of Southridge Capital’s corporate social responsibility making direct impacts on the lives of the needy. You can follow their Twitter page.




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