Real Estate Can Be A Sustainable Investment If You Stay In For The Long Term Like Nick Vertucci

Investing and saving for retirement always has multiple strategies by which to get there. Every expert will tell you to diversify your assets when you invest, but everyone has disagreements on which kind of investment can turn into real profits. For Nick Vertucci, he found that investment to be real estate as he learned what he could do with residential properties to turn them into valuable assets. While yes, it can be tricky to know where to invest and how to tell when the market will favor leasing or selling property, Vertucci figured out ways to be able to read the market and make it work for him. He even has a book out titled “Seven Figure Decisions” about his story of getting into real estate and how he learned tricks to running it.

Nick Vertucci never went to college because the family he grew up in couldn’t afford it. In fact, there was very little they could afford as he explains in the book, and even as he reached early adulthood, he experienced periods of homelessness. Where he did find his first taste of success was when he started a computer parts business that generated living income, and he got married and began raising children. But Nick Vertucci would once again experience hardship when the 2000 dot-com recession caused his business to close, and he basically went broke.

Though he did have struggles with depression during this time, Nick Vertucci managed to keep going, and it was a weekend workshop he happened to attend that first put him on to the idea of going into real estate. It was a difficult time to finance and later turn old buildings into dividend-paying rental units, but he was able to start doing so as he found advice and support to do it. He finally brought in enough income that he became a millionaire and turned his life into debt-free living. What you’ll find at the NV Real Estate Academy could also turn your life free of debt, though real estate isn’t for everyone.