Southridge Capital – Strategic Financing

Southridge Capital is a finance firm that delivers advice to companies and corporations.

The innovative staff provide solutions to their clientele’s financial needs. Their strategies include diverse options on investing and great opportunities in returns. The company will provide all facets of their clients financial needs; from financial projections to uniquely designed balance sheet management.

Southridge Capital has aided over 200 companies and funded over a billion into companies to guarantee their growth potential. Southridge not only helps companies with funding and investments, but also helps with mergers and acquisitions. Southridge helps with assist with legal issues, including bankruptcy. With Southridge by their sides, companies can rest assure that any hurdle can be avoided or achieved; whether legal or financial.

Southridge Capital offers a myriad of services to companies big or small, startup or stable. Southridge has cost effective ways to enhance a company’s credit, security, and financial solutions in an innovative style. Southridge wants every client to take advantage of everything that they have to offer and more. Southridge also includes their clients current asset status, they will look for the most advantageous and innovative ways to enhance their current state. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In order to accomplish restructuring for their clients, Southride works directly with creditors and their clients. Southridge Capital is lead by five innovative and unique individuals that are diverse in financing. Southridge Capital is not just about work, they are also an organization that contributes to the community. They have worked with many charitable organizations; whether its by funding or voluntarism. Check out

Southridge hopes to achieve success with each and every client they work with by enhancing their business. In addition, they believe in giving back to the community to show that their philanthropic work really means a great deal to them. They not only want success for themselves and their clients, but for the community as well.


Randal Nardone is the founder of Fortress investment group where he has been the principle and the chief executive officer .Mr. Randal also works as the chairman and president of spring leaf financial holdings LLC and as the secretary and president of Newcastle investment holdings LLC. Randal Nardone is a citizen of the United States residing in New York, United States and North America. He has a Bachelor of Arts and science in English and biology from the University of Connecticut. At Boston University Randal graduated from law school with a Juris doctor. Today he serves as the overseer of structured finance and legal matters as the chief operating officer of the group. Fortress investment group deals with raising, investment and management of assets such as private equity, real estate, credits and capital investment strategies which are permanent; it serves individual investors and institutional clients worldwide.

This group is the leading and highly diversified global investment manager. Fortress specializes in investments which are assets based on its credit funds and equity funds to gain significant experience in deep and broad finance in a diverse set of asset type. Expertise in this group extends their services to owning, pricing, financing and overseeing environmental, financial asset management protected by diversified long-term cash flows.Randal has been successful in his profession on financial services with over thirty years of experience.Before founding Fortress, Randal Nardone has been hired to be the executive committee member and a partner by the law firm Thacher profit and wood; hereafter he joined Blackrock financial management after shifting his attention to financial services.

Randal has been the principal of the company up to 1997 where he resigned and became the managing director of UBS for one year then left to start Fortress investment group.Apart from his service at Fortress, Randal Nardone has served as the COO, portfolio manager and secretary for RIC Coinvestment funds. He has once been the incorporated secretary and chief operating officer of the IMPAC commercial holdings, the director of Eurocastle investments limited and director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation and One main Holding.As the director of Aircastle limited and new media investment, he has done stints whereby he has become the director of transport and infrastructure investors in Fortress in the year 2015. Randal is always very busy with his experience giving him expertise in private equity, finance, management, and credit. There is a positive impact on Randal’s net worth where he is ranked number 557 on Forbs billionaires list.

End Citizens United Fights For Reform As Midterms Loom

End Citizens United, established in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to stepping up to fight the negativity surrounding the Citizens United movement. They are also committed into reforming the current campaign finance system for large political elections in America. The End Citizens United political action committee is fighting back against corrupt officials and candidates in our elections.

End Citizens United has set forth a mission to elect candidates that are in favor of campaign-finance reformation, as well as raising the concern to a national level. Grassroots activists represent End Citizens United as well as the transparency that goes along with their ultimate mission.

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Fundraising for End Citizens United looks to be swinging in a positive direction as the midterms approach, a significant thirty-five million dollars is projected to be raises ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress.

End Citizens United has also recently endorsed several candidates for the Senate, including Beto O’Rourke who refuses campaign funding from PACs. Beto O’Rourke has positioned himself as one of the leading campaign finance reform candidates for the upcoming midterms. Randy Bryce and Jacky Rosen also received positive endorsements from the End Citizens United political action committee for the upcoming midterm elections.

End Citizens United vows to defeat incumbents who align with special interest groups and drug companies with their “Big Money 20” campaign, an effort to be considered one of their ultimate goals.

As the midterm elections approach rapidly, Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director of the End Citizens United political action committee, looks to push ahead with momentum into the 2018 election cycle. The prospect of raising a potential thirty-five million dollars is a significant development for the PAC, especially after already raising upwards of seven million dollars from grassroots donations by July of 2017. The future looks extremely bright for the End Citizens United PAC as their goals are well within their reach, and they look to push forward with progress as the 2018 midterms come and go.


The talk fusion company was established in 2007 by its Chief Executive officer Bob Reiner who has over 25 years’ experience in the setup publicizing industry. Bob Reina is an ex-police officer for Hillsborough County in Florida. Reina holds that one’s success in business is dependent on other people’s efforts but not your efforts he stressed that it is a team sport since one deals with the individuals from different Educational level, different backgrounds, different personality and a wider range of sale experience. The company offers video communication clarifications to businesses and individuals. Talk fusion company gives an income opportunity from an exceptional outlook of the connection marketing business exemplary. Unlike other companies which pay contract weekly or monthly, Talk Fusion deals with an immediate recompense. The company considers itself one of the world most efficient in offering video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion company gives a lasting remedy to business since it helps it engage in a healthy competition through increased profits, sales and maintaining their customer relations. Since it arrived in the market in 2007 with its major aim being to help corporate stay gaining from increasing its sales and profits margin. Talk Fusion assists the firms to make their marketing exertions more involving and notable with the aid of the video it has spread to nearly 140 countries worldwide through its video chat application.


The chat application is designed in a way that the Fusion is arrived at through a handy function which adds ease and assists the enterprise embraces on to its modest edge in the commercial globe. This application has been made accessible through iPhones, iPods, Android which must be 4.4.3 and in iPads. The application has been made available through iTunes and is also available in the google store. The leading Talk Fusion product is the video email because it facilitates easy connections between businesses. This can be achieved because the users send direct video email from their devices such as Android or Apple. Video email offers easy access to customers, team members, and vendors in a way that grabs their attention more than the written ones.


The videos can be sent through the application in a way that it accounts live or one can upload an older video that you wish to share. After the video has been uploaded one will have an opportunity to choose templates displays, other features and names can also be changed to bring more cohesiveness in the message being sent. Learn more:

How OSI Food Solutions Is Meeting Demand For Chicken In Portugal And Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a global manufacturer of processed food solutions. Their food is used in quick-serve restaurants and is also sold in grocery stores as their in-house brand. They have production facilities in 17 countries and one of these is in Toledo, Spain. This facility processes protein-based foods that are sold in both Spain and Portugal. The types of foods they process are chicken, beef, and pork.

In order to meet increasing demand for chicken the Toledo OSI Food Solutions facility installed a high-capacity production line. It cost €17 million and it ability to process chicken went from 12,000 tons a year to 24,000 tons. They also added 20 new positions at this plant increasing employment there to 160 people. José María del Río is the managing director of plant. He said that demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal has increased by 8% each of the past three years and it has averaged 6% more demand each year over the past decade.

OSI Food Solutions food protection system was also upgraded when the new high-capacity line was installed. This included the installation of a new perimeter access control surveillance system. Also added was more indoor cameras as well as a state-of-the-art firefighting system. Additionally, all of this operates more efficiently than the older system. This plant has cut its electricity consumption by 20% and they have a new heat recovery system in place.

OSI Food Solutions is based just outside of Chicago, Illinois, in Aurora. In the 1970s this company only supplied protein-based products to McDonald’s Corporation in the United States. Since that time they have greatly expanded and now supply many restaurants and grocery chains across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most of what they supply is protein-based but they do also supply other food products such as vegetables and sauces. While much of this growth has been organic they have also bought competing companies in order to expand, such as in 2016 when they bought both Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in Europe.

Over the years OSI Food Solutions has won many awards for social, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility as well as awards for economic success. Among the environmental awards they have won are the Globe of Honour in the United Kingdom, the California Green Business Award, and the Environmental Awards 2018. They have won animal welfare awards in the United States, Europe, and China as well.


Passion, Influence & Perseverance Equals Dr. Clay Siegall

Having the passion to pursue something that you love says a lot about who you truly are. Having the influence over a large majority of people displays that you have a quality that many people admire. Having perseverance to push through barriers solidifies your ambition. All of these fine qualities are embodied by a man named Clay Siegall, and he uses the qualities to better mankind. Clay Siegall is a very accomplished doctor and scientist. He has worked with the likes of the National Cancer Institute and has worked with the National Institute of Health. Siegall is the co-founder for a leading cancer-research organization that’s known as Seattle Genetics. This organization has been around since the late 1990s, and it has dramatically grown in size, in personnel and influence.

Being the CEO of a billion dollar organization isn’t easy. Between the years of 1999 -2000, this small biotech company was having a hard time advancing in this demanding field. The company was brand new, and it only had just a few staff members. Dr. Siegall had to find a way to compete with the much larger organizations in this field without losing capital. By bringing in a savvy sales team, Seattle Genetics was able to publicize its extraordinary medications to the public. Before too long, this exceptional team was securing seven-figure deals on a regular basis. It took Seattle Genetics close to a decade to see huge returns in capital, but Dr. Siegall’s perseverance has certainly paid-off to the highest degree.

Just over the past five years, Seattle Genetics’ stock has roughly tripled. Yes, that’s right! The company’s savvy sales staff is now the face of the business. It doesn’t get much better than this, but who knows what Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics will do next.

Jason Hope Invests in SENS Technology and Its Valuable Research

The aging process is something that many people wish to avoid. While no person can do away with this natural development, it can certainly be slowed down. People can slow down the natural effects of aging through the process of diet and exercise.

They can also do other things such as eliminating the use of drugs and alcohol, drinking more water and getting enough rest. While all of those steps help a person to combat the effects of aging, this condition can still present a problem for people. This is one of the reasons why anti-aging drugs and solutions are being developed by biotechnology organizations around the world.

Jason Hope is a man who believes in reducing the negative effects of aging. He is a technology guru that consults for various companies in the Arizona area. Hope has is a successful business man as well. He believes that the Internet of Things is going to impact the world in the near future. He also sees anti-aging medical technologies becoming very important in the coming years. Jason Hope believes so much in this new science that he is making considerable donations toward this research.

The SENS Research Foundation has been around since 2009. SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. This organization works hard at conducting research toward regenerative medicine. SENS has been working hard at finding practical solutions that will reverse the aging process. Some of the organization’s key research and development within this field has been in the areas of tissue engineering, removing aggregates from the body through the immune system and the production of extracurricular crosslinks.

This research foundation is one of the leading anti-aging organizations in its field. Jason Hope has been a key contributor to the SENS Research Foundation because he supports the work that they do. He donated over $500,000 at one point during his contributions toward this agency. Jason Hope stands behind SENS and believes that can find practical solutions to the aging dilemma that all people experience.

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Compassion Connection and Assistance For Self Resilience With Talkspace

One of the best things about Talkspace is that the site has a lot of information for people to use in order to heal from any type of hurt. For people that have experienced some kind of trauma, there are a few things that they can do in order to recover correctly. One thing that they can do is avoid beating themselves up over it. They have to make sure that they are giving themselves compassion for what they are going through. Afterwards, they have the option of seeking out other ways to heal that are constructive as opposed to some of the more destructive ways.

Talkspace advises people to reach out for help. One thing that people do when they experience a trauma is refuse help and isolate themselves. A large part of this is the shame they feel for having experiencing something like they have gone through. One thing that they have to remember is that it is not their fault. Also, the trauma they have experienced is not a statement on the type of people they are or the value they hold to society. This is one of the reasons that they can reach out for help.

One of the reasons that people tend to isolate as opposed to asking for help is that they want to avoid burdening those that are close to them. Another thing is that they are hurting and they blame themselves for what happened. Getting people to reach out for help can be very tricky. They feel they have to keep the secret. However, they run the risk of it poisoning them emotionally. Fortunately, Talkspace provides people the platform they need in the case they feel too ashamed to speak to someone in person. At least talking through text can be the first step to recovery.

Meet the Most Celebrated Brazilian Rally Driver: Rodrigo Terpins

How we grow up has a huge impact on the individuals we become in life. We become like the people we grow up around because we believe what they do is what is right. This is why some people spend their life fighting bad habits they had nothing to do with and simply assimilated from their parents and guardians. Others seem to automatically excel in life as if their life was planned to be perfect. Rodrigo Terpins falls in the latter.

Rodrigo Terpins grew up seeing his father’s success as a basketball player. Jack Terpins was very committed and dedicated to sports, and he accomplished a lot in the field. His success led to him being respected by the community. His success also gave him an opportunity to serve as the President of both the Macabi Latin American Confederation and the Latin American Jewish Council.

Rodrigo Terpins is following the footsteps of his father although he chose a different sport. Rodrigo is among the most renowned rally drivers in Brazil and has led to the state being recognized for its excellence in rally driving. His younger brother, Michel Terpins, has also followed the family culture and is excelling in the same field. The two talented brothers race with the Sertoes Rally Team the Tea Bull. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Rodrigo Terpins says that he is satisfied with his current position and accomplishments in sports. Rodrigo says that the only challenge that he has to conquer is balancing his commitment to his family and sports because they are equally important.

Many lessons are learned through rally driving. The terrains that one has to conquer are terrible. Sometimes during the race, the cars get stuck, and the terrains become unbearable. While other competitors may lose hope, this is not an option Rodrigo Terpins considers. This is why he has gained popularity among the rally driving fans.

Rodrigo Terpins values the support of his fans and ensures his social media pages are active to update them. Rodrigo posts all his activities and the games that he is scheduled to participate in for his supporters to view. He also has a personal website, where they can see all the interviews he has participated in as an individual. Check out their Facebook page.

Famous Trabucos That Were Used In The Siege Of Acre

The Siege of Acre was considered a pivotal battle in the history of the Crusades. When this city fell to the Mamelukes in 1290 A.D. it signaled the end of an era for the Crusader forces from Europe. During the crusades, the various European factions used a wide variety of weapons. One type was known as the trabuco or trebuchet.

This war instrument was an immensely powerful weapon that could level fortress walls or destroy enemy troops positions from a distance. Two trabucos used during the Siege of Acre were known as God’s Own Sling and the Bad Neighbor. Here is the historical tale of how these two siege weapons gained such notoriety.

According to, Philip II of France used both of these weapons in the defense of Acre. He fought alongside medieval legends such as the Teutonic Knights from Germany and King Henry II from Cyprus. King Edward I of Britain wasn’t able to join in this battle but he sent a powerful contingent of knights to the conflict.

The attacking Mamluk leader was known as Al-Ashraf Khalil. He was a powerful Mamluk leader that continued the former attacks of his father and other Egyptian and Muslim warriors from the region. When Khalil came to take the city, he used various weapons to destroy the wall city of Acre.


Khalil had extremely large catapults set up in front of the city that he was going to use to break down the Crusader’s walls According to He called these two huge weapons Al Mansuri and the Furious. Both of these catapults had the ability to lay some serious damage onto the Crusader’s position.

King Philip used trabucos to defend the Crusader’s positions. They were set up behind the wall and both proved to be very successful in battle. They were able to hurl lots of stones and pitch onto the advancing Mamluk army. Both weapons did slay their fair share of enemy soldiers.

They also helped to buy the Crusaders more time before the city finally crumbled. Once the city fell, Jerusalem and Cyprus were never recaptured by the Crusaders. Both the Bad Neighbor and God’s Own Sling survived the Siege of Acre. These trabucos are truly memorable war machines that will never be forgotten in history.

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