Meet the Most Celebrated Brazilian Rally Driver: Rodrigo Terpins

How we grow up has a huge impact on the individuals we become in life. We become like the people we grow up around because we believe what they do is what is right. This is why some people spend their life fighting bad habits they had nothing to do with and simply assimilated from their parents and guardians. Others seem to automatically excel in life as if their life was planned to be perfect. Rodrigo Terpins falls in the latter.

Rodrigo Terpins grew up seeing his father’s success as a basketball player. Jack Terpins was very committed and dedicated to sports, and he accomplished a lot in the field. His success led to him being respected by the community. His success also gave him an opportunity to serve as the President of both the Macabi Latin American Confederation and the Latin American Jewish Council.

Rodrigo Terpins is following the footsteps of his father although he chose a different sport. Rodrigo is among the most renowned rally drivers in Brazil and has led to the state being recognized for its excellence in rally driving. His younger brother, Michel Terpins, has also followed the family culture and is excelling in the same field. The two talented brothers race with the Sertoes Rally Team the Tea Bull. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Rodrigo Terpins says that he is satisfied with his current position and accomplishments in sports. Rodrigo says that the only challenge that he has to conquer is balancing his commitment to his family and sports because they are equally important.

Many lessons are learned through rally driving. The terrains that one has to conquer are terrible. Sometimes during the race, the cars get stuck, and the terrains become unbearable. While other competitors may lose hope, this is not an option Rodrigo Terpins considers. This is why he has gained popularity among the rally driving fans.

Rodrigo Terpins values the support of his fans and ensures his social media pages are active to update them. Rodrigo posts all his activities and the games that he is scheduled to participate in for his supporters to view. He also has a personal website, where they can see all the interviews he has participated in as an individual. Check out their Facebook page.