Famous Trabucos That Were Used In The Siege Of Acre

The Siege of Acre was considered a pivotal battle in the history of the Crusades. When this city fell to the Mamelukes in 1290 A.D. it signaled the end of an era for the Crusader forces from Europe. During the crusades, the various European factions used a wide variety of weapons. One type was known as the trabuco or trebuchet.

This war instrument was an immensely powerful weapon that could level fortress walls or destroy enemy troops positions from a distance. Two trabucos used during the Siege of Acre were known as God’s Own Sling and the Bad Neighbor. Here is the historical tale of how these two siege weapons gained such notoriety.

According to dicio.com.br, Philip II of France used both of these weapons in the defense of Acre. He fought alongside medieval legends such as the Teutonic Knights from Germany and King Henry II from Cyprus. King Edward I of Britain wasn’t able to join in this battle but he sent a powerful contingent of knights to the conflict.

The attacking Mamluk leader was known as Al-Ashraf Khalil. He was a powerful Mamluk leader that continued the former attacks of his father and other Egyptian and Muslim warriors from the region. When Khalil came to take the city, he used various weapons to destroy the wall city of Acre.

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Khalil had extremely large catapults set up in front of the city that he was going to use to break down the Crusader’s walls According to veja.abril.com.br. He called these two huge weapons Al Mansuri and the Furious. Both of these catapults had the ability to lay some serious damage onto the Crusader’s position.

King Philip used trabucos to defend the Crusader’s positions. They were set up behind the wall and both proved to be very successful in battle. They were able to hurl lots of stones and pitch onto the advancing Mamluk army. Both weapons did slay their fair share of enemy soldiers.

They also helped to buy the Crusaders more time before the city finally crumbled. Once the city fell, Jerusalem and Cyprus were never recaptured by the Crusaders. Both the Bad Neighbor and God’s Own Sling survived the Siege of Acre. These trabucos are truly memorable war machines that will never be forgotten in history.

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