Fagali Airport: Beautiful Apia

     When you are traveling through the Fagali Airport headed towards the beautiful city of Apia, you will find that it takes no more than five minutes to get there. Apia is the capital of Samoa and has an exotic land many travelers love to come for exploring. The Fagali Airport is exclusively hidden away among the rain-forest that surrounds the island. When you taxi from the Fagali Airport, many tourist destination points are in view such as resorts, hotels, all within 20 minutes of travel by car. Once you arrive at the Fagali Airport, you have a selection of either renting a car, hiring a driver or take the shuttle.

The Apia Fagali Airport currently is served by Polynesian Airlines and allows you to connect to direct flights from U.S. select cities, even Honolulu. Apia is often known to a lot of tourists who want to enjoy the beaches and the Taumeasina Island Resort. These amenities will not break your wallet at all. The temperature all year round is moderately hot staying at a comfortable 85 degrees. Many travelers seek out Apia to relax and seriously enjoy the warm weather. They also can learn about the Samoa culture and taste their great food.