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Chris Burch is the CEO Burch Creative Capital which is based in America. Burch is committed to ensuring that his extensive range business runs effectively. Chris Burch has won many awards for his creativity and innovation. The CEO also relates well to other entrepreneurs and has partnered with them to pursue many projects. He is also supportive of upcoming entrepreneurs and gives them a lot of advice and information when they require it. Chris Burch has ventured in the fashion industry, hospitality, and other consumer products. He is very flexible, and he can move from one sector to another without much hassle. He has been able to create employment for many people in America, see ( He has also given back to the school where he schooled. He is passionate about giving back to the society for instance in Indonesia where he owns the Luxurious Nihi Sumba hotel. He has a foundation which is set up to help the less fortunate in the society. He believes in helping people to meet their basic needs.

He is particularly passionate about feeding the poor children in the local community. He has organized a feeding programme whereby he donates funds and foods to cater for the needy children in the area. He believes in helping other people every day and at least put a smile in their faces. He also gives them hope for a better future. He encourages the local community of the Sumba people to embrace education as it is the best way to eradicate poverty. He also ensures that there are fun activities for the children of the local community, know more details on