William Saito has a Strong Work Ethic that is Reflective of Silicon Valley

People who knows the technology guru William Saito will definitely tell you that he has a solid work ethic. When he was a young boy, Saito worked hard at learning how to take things apart and how to put them back together again. He even did this with a $5,000 computer that his parents brought him during the early 80s. Saito got into a lot of trouble, but he was able to put the thing back together without a problem.


William Saito could write computer code by the time he was in the 5th grade. By the time he was in high school this guy was working with stock brokers solving complex financial calculations. The thing about Saito is that he did much of this work on his own. No one had to prompt him to learn and to grow. He did much of this work by himself. Now, don’t get it wrong. His parents did get on him like any parent does to their child. However, they did not have to go overboard with prompting him to get his studies done or for him to do something with himself. Saito was naturally a smart and inquisitive child.


These characteristics is what helped to shape who he is today. Saito is a technology genius. He does not guess at what he is doing, he knows exactly how a lot of modern computing and security technology works. His company Intecur is at the forefront of the security tech business in Japan. As teen he maximized his work potential and by the time he was in his early 20s he was a CEO of his own company.


Saito is now 43 and he is truly a great tech giant. He relocated to Japan back in 2004 to help his people to improve their technology sector. Currently, Japan’s technology growth is starting to decline. He travels back and forth between his home country and Silicon Valley to work and personal reasons. Saito’s work ethic is truly reflective of the Silicon Valley tech giants who helped to establish the modern technology era.