Dazzling with Splendour

Yeonmi Park is a renowned human rights activist. She is quite a passionate proponent of freedom of conscience and thought. The world is full of people who are self- seeking. The rare individuals who unselfishly try to serve humanity are the category where Yeonmi Park belongs. After all, humanity matters because it transcends what we choose to do and highlights what we ineluctably are. She puts the lives of people at the fore front knowing far too well that not perfection as a final goal but the ever enduring process of perfecting, maturing, refining is the aim of living.

What do we even want in life? Do we even really know? Some talk of food, others say freedom and others whatever they like. Well, for Yeonmi, its food and perhaps freedom– a concept she never understood either long enough.

She is an author of an Amazon released book and her journey began with her first steps out of North Korea, crossing the almost frozen Yalu River along with her mother only to arrive in China, helpless and hopeless, little knowing what was in store for them. Fate I would call it. She was a young girl by then, crossing China, through the vast Gobi desert, all the way to the Mongolian boarder, before finally reaching South Korea, all by herself. She was subjected to a lot constant abuse, being foreign, starvation, sexual abuse and lack of a place to find closure. It took an exceptional strength of character to survive. Her father closed the boarder to join her but unfortunately he succumbed to cancer, all in the yes of the world. Everybody has a story to tell always. Yeonmi’s story is a captivating one, propelling her into the limelight around the world.

Her story which was picked up by The Reason TV is very compelling. Life once wrecked and her dream ships on the sharp rocks of reality; but in the sunny, fantasy isles of insanity, all her barkentines race into port with canvas billowing and winds singing through the mast.