Count on Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs. He is qualified to manage any digital reputation crisis. He is experienced and professional. He brings the following skills and abilities into his current role:
* investor
* entrepreneur
* digital marketing
* communication
* many more
Mr. Fisher has assisted in the overall growth of Status Labs. He obtained his education at Vanderbilt University and continues to build quality relationships with numerous public relations agencies.

Status Labs is Ready to Repair
You can count on Darius Fisher if you are facing a digital reputation crisis. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, Texas and Mr. Fisher and his team are ready to repair. This includes the following clients:
* politicians
* executives
* any public figure
Status Labs was launched four years ago and has continued to expand. This is a firm that can be counted on to provide every client with a the following services:
* a polished search result
* an effective digital marketing strategy
* an effective PR strategy
* the ability to experience success with sales
* clear up controversy

Status Labs Serves Around the World
Status Labs has earned a reputation of trustworthiness. This firm serves over 1,500 clients. These are clients that spread out among 35 countries. Every digital crisis will be managed by a team of qualified experts who have an exceptional record in this area. Stats Labs continues to expand because effective solutions are delivered to grateful clients around the globe.

Darius Fisher is Ready and Able to Fix
Darius Fisher is known as a “fixer.” He has the ability to deliver second chances because he possesses superior “fixer” skills. If an executive is in need of a repair or a change in their Google search results, a “fixer” can handle the job. Darius Fisher can fix any reputation that may be smeared for many reasons. Every mistake has a solution when this “fixer” and his team are contacted. Darius Fisher is ready and more than able to fix your reputation crisis. Follow Fisher on Twitter @fisherdarius to keep up with his news and events.

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Status Labs Grows to New Office In NYC

Status Labs is a company that continues to grow in an impressive fashion. The main headquarters of the company is in Austin, TX and another office was opened in New York City. The New York team has grown quite a bit. Now, Status Labs is relocating to another New York office, one that is five times larger than the original one. Not too long ago, Status Labs relocated its Austin office to the city’s bustling business district. PR Newswire has a full report on the move.


Status Labs focuses on digital reputation management and marketing. The firm has garnered a great deal of publicity thanks to the hard work of company president Darius Fisher. Publicity combined with pleased customers has led to an increase in business which, in turn, has necessitated an increase in personnel.


Four employees have been hired in New York in account management and business development areas. Other hiring steps are planned for the near future. Likely, the company will bring five more persons on board in the two aforementioned areas as well as the public relations division.


When negatives start turning up in online searches, reputations suffer. A business’ brand might take a hit. Personal lives can be ruined. Not very much positive comes from reports rooted in dire negatives. As Status Labs’ president Darius Fisher reveals, harmful information on Google lives forever. Or it will unless steps are taken to address the problem. Status Labs’ professional are able to engage in scores of different steps to perform a reputation fix.


The hiring of new employees supports the ability to meet the demands of those clients calling on Status Labs for help.


Status Labs ( also has an office in San Paulo, Brazil. Maybe in the near future the San Paulo office will move to a bigger location as well.

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