Inaccuracies Corrected Delegating Free Inmate Calls For Louisiana Customers

PRN Newswire was the first to report the inaccuracies found by Securus Technologies, associated with Global Tel-Link. A successful fourth quarter audit caught those irregularities and they were immediately corrected. At which time, Global Tel-Link has decided to offer their customers free inmate calling features, for Louisiana customers. This limited time offer is being initiated by Global Tel-Link, as a one time courtesy, to reward their customers. Securus Technologies is the largest inmate communication provider in the network offering surveillance, monitoring, and advanced technological solutions. Secure your inmate calls with Securus Technologies, today.


Securus is widely known for their network regulations, but they are quickly becoming one of the largest inmate providers in the network. In fact, a recent Certification 1 approval will help them expand internationally. They have merged with Vimeo to bring their customers a high definition video chat feature. This exciting feature allows you to talk over the internet and have complete control over your picture quality and sound with just a few buttons. You can visit your loved ones over the internet and save the commute to a correctional facility. Thousands of customers are choosing Securus to secure their inmate calls.


Securus Technologies Features


Holiday Video Visitation


You can now visit your loved ones over the internet, during the holidays, by using video chatting. If your name is on an inmates visiting list, they can receive visits on special holidays including Christmas, to talk to their loved ones.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features gives inmates access to message features from a personalized account. This feature is offered to inmates through their commissary. They never have to miss another message from the ones they love, again.


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How Securus technologies managed to earn the BBB accreditation

Most companies strive to be better as they look to enhance their product or service delivery. Securus Technologies are not any different. The best way to see if a company is getting where it purposes to is by looking at the accreditation it is getting. Securus Technologies seem to be on the right track judging by the kind of accreditation that they have recently received.

Securus technologies are a service providing company that has been in the forefront in trying to make the criminal and justice system modern in technological terms. It has gone a long way in implementing projects that have been a success in the department. In this line of service, it is essential that truth, dignity and honesty is upheld by such a company. Many such companies, therefore, try to get the BBB accreditation which tends to prove the trustworthiness of a company. With this type of accreditation, it is definite that anything that comes from the company in the form of public statements or print form is right. What even amazed most, including the company’s senior vice president, Danny de Hoyos, is that they managed to receive an A+, which is the best of the accreditation.

It is essential to understand that getting such accreditation is not easy as one needs to pay the board so that they can be monitors and assessed regularly. This, however, doesn’t mean that the quality of products or services of the company has been endorsed by the board. There have emerged complaints from various sources that some of the products being provided by Securus technologies including their customer care services are not up to standard. The BBB, however, cleared the technological company of these claims after a thorough review of the company, stating that they still meet the requirements needed for a company to be BBB accredited.