Amethyst The Minature Dachshund Eats Beneful Incredibites And Beneful Dog Treats

My Minature Dachshund named Amethyst can only eat Beneful dog food due to the fact that she is so small and it is extremely hard to find any other dog food out there that is made in small pieces that she can digest. Beneful dog food is truly one of the best dog food brands out there because not only do they have dog food for small dogs like Amethyst but they also offer dog food for big dogs, active dogs, and even overweight dogs. The type of Beneful dog food that I buy on Amazon for Amethyst is called Beneful incredibites. Beneful incredibites dog food is the best dog food option out there for Amethyst and the best part about it is that it comes in different flavors so Amethyst won’t get sick of eating the same flavor of dog food each day. Amethyst currently eats Beneful incredibites in the dry dog food version which comes in both a beef flavor and a chicken flavor. Beneful incredibites also comes in a wet dog food version but Amethyst prefers dry dog food. Beneful also has a great assortment of different types of dog treats. They have treats [] in all different flavors for Amethyst to enjoy but they also have dog treats that are made to help keep Amethyst’s teeth clean and healthy. The three types of dog treats that I buy on Walmart for Amethyst are Beneful baked delights hugs, baked delights stars, and dental ridges. Beneful dental ridges are the dog treat that they offer that keeps Amethyst’s teeth healthy and pearly white. Baked delights hugs treats are not like every other treat out there due to the fact that they are packed with flavor in every bite. Baked delights hugs dog treats are beef and cheese flavored. Baked delights stars are not just dog treats that are chicken and cheese flavored but they are also shaped like stars. Many dog treats are boring looking and not even close to being packed with flavor but this isn’t the case with Beneful dog treats. I am so glad that Beneful makes dog food that Amethyst can eat.