SKOUT Celebrates National Superhero Day by Creating Real-life Superheroes


In case you weren’t aware of it, National Superhero Day was April 28th, and SKOUT created a way for all of their users to be Superheros for a day. Christian Wiklund, co-founder, and CEO of SKOUT, developed a way for his Scouters to have an entire day where they could send virtual gifts to their friends, and SKOUT would support this by donating each time to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The chain reaction was set off by the members’ taking a moment to think of their friends and letting them know. All of the profits would be sent to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in San Francisco reported the PR Newswire.

Mr. Wiklund is overjoyed with this way to use his app for good like any dynamic superhero would. During a survey by SKOUT, the members who answered said that the main characteristic of a superhero was that they helped others. The users liked that idea, so they participated in SKOUTs virtual gift concept that allowed them to “act” like a superhero on National Superhero Day. Donating to the Wish Foundation was a fantastic idea.

Favorite Superheros

SKOUT also asked America who their favorite superhero was. The answer was divided between the sexes: women chose Batman and men chose Supermen.

Almost half of those who were surveyed chose the Batmobile as the coolest superhero ride. and coming in second, at 20 percent, was the Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane.

Almost unanimously, the Scouters said that what makes a superhero super was that they helped people, and over 80 percent said that they would like a chance to be a real-life superhero. This was the inspiration that Mr. Wiklund needed to prepare the special program For National Superhero Day.

How the SKOUT Superhero Program Worked

The Superhero Program offered every member a chance to send a virtual gift, which is already a part of SKOUT, which would allow the member to meet new friends and enhance the ones they already had while helping the Make-a-Wish Foundation. SKOUT donated every time a virtual gift was sent, and Mr. Wiklund said they would continue until the fund was met.

This global app played with National Superhero Day while allowing people from all around the world to be a real-life superhero for a day.

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Venezuela’s Albatross Airline

Venezeuela has an airline called Albatross that had started in December 2014. It was authorized to transport cargo, mail and passengers in 2010. It has flown from Venezuela to other countries such as Aruba, Curacao, Barranquilla, Colombia, Trinidad and Haiti. Starting on May 2nd, Albatross will begin flights between San Jose, Costa Rica, Caracas, and Venezuela. Flights will only take place three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Simón Bolívar de Maiquetía International Airport. Each airplane carries a maximum of 112 passengers with 12 of them flying first class.
The flights from Venezuela are time restricted. Flights to San Jose will leave Simón Bolívar de Maiquetía International Airport in Venezuela at precisely 7am and arrive at 10am at the Juan Santamaria airport in San Jose. People like David Osio who want to travel to Caracas will be boarding at 8am. In 2015, 23,565 citizens of Venezuela had traveled to Costa Rica last year by air. Albatross usually travels to countries in South America, though it is supposed to compete with Avianca.

Avianca is South America’s second oldest airline, founded in 1919 under the name of SCADTA. After going through different name changes, it became Avianca in 2009. Avianca has 87 destinations and travels to 22 different countries which David has seen most, including Miami, Florida in the United States.