Kamil Idris; Thoughtful Articles On Intellectual Property And Chinese Sanctions

Intellectual Property Rights, The President, And Chinese Sanctions

Professor Kamil Idris gives an in-depth explanation about the current sanctions on China put in place by The US President. With the International shakedowns bringing uncertainty in the World Trade sector, President Trump is pulling no punches. His no-nonsense tactics with foreign countries that appear to be stealing, or at the very least, taking advantage of the American People, President Trump is quick to defend and penalize such nations.

Chinese imports are a huge industry in the United States. However a lot of these imports are illegal. Why? They are in fact stolen Intellectual Property. Professor Kamil Idris explains that Intellectual Property is any type of real property that was invented in the mind. Logos, artwork, inventions, ideas, just to name a few. This theft could be costing the US Billions of dollars in lost revenue. The President then added tariffs to recoup some of the loss. Because of the vast numbers of Chinese products worldwide, critics are concerned that the President may trigger a trade war. The President disagrees, however, and stands firm in his sanctions.

A Celebration Of Human Creativity

The World Intellectual Property day, as explained by Professor Kamil Idris, is a paramount celebration of the ingenuity of the human species. Without Intellectual Property rights in place, the ability to be unique and creative would not be brought to the world by protecting the art and giving sole ownership to the creator.

In honoring the creative mind of humanity, we are essentially highlighting the beauty of the evolving world around us. If the ancients had never inscribed crude drawings on rock walls, perhaps Van Gogh would not have the paintings displayed in museums that exist today. Without the Wright Brothers, bustling airports would function completely different, if at all. From one invention evolves another, as the human mind always looks for bigger and better ways to be progressive.

International Peacekeeping

Professor Kamil Idris’ expertise is in International law, and he prides himself in being a peacekeeper. He is often requested by prestigious organizations for very delicate matters that he arbitrates with the clients. The Professor resides in Sudan, where he is actively working for the Arbitration Courts to provide fair representation and arbitration to clients from around the world. His goal is bring peace into the courtroom, where both parties can leave feeling accomplished and satisfied with the decisions made therein.