David McDonald’s Role in the Growth of the OSI Industries

The organization has been sighted as the largest food provider around the globe and has experienced a positive growth rate over the years. One of the leaders at the firm who have made major contributions is David McDonald. He has served the firm for more than three decades now. He started off his career as a project manager after the completion of his higher education and has risen to become part of the top management. Currently, he is the president and is also in charge of the company’s operations. OSI Industries started as a small butcher shop and was established by one of the German immigrants at the time. According to the pioneer of the firm, the main aim of starting the business was to meet the needs of the fellow immigrants in the area. Years later, it grew to become a leading meat provider in the region.

OSI Industries formed a partnership with the McDonald’s restaurants where its products would be distributed through McDonald’s branches that were located in various parts of the country. The relationship between the two firms grew and OSI Industries became the largest meat supplier for the restaurants. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the organization has expanded its operations in many parts of the United States and other parts of the world. One of the factors that have earned the food provider a competitive advantage over the other market players is the adoption of technology in most of its operations.

McDonald was raised in northeast Iowa. He attended the Iowa State University where he majored in animal science. The Chief Operations Officer of OSI Industries has been honored as one of the most outstanding Alumni of the university due to his efforts in giving back to the society. He has been actively involved in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative that was started by the Iowa State University. One of his most notable charitable activities is the donations to the Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship Fund. Many graduates have benefited from internship opportunities through the help of David McDonald and the main aim of the initiative is to equip them with practical skills that are vital in the job market. As part of its objectives to grow the brand, the organization has acquired several firms in the country and overseas. Some of the acquired companies include BAHO Foods, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe.

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How OSI Food Solutions Is Meeting Demand For Chicken In Portugal And Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a global manufacturer of processed food solutions. Their food is used in quick-serve restaurants and is also sold in grocery stores as their in-house brand. They have production facilities in 17 countries and one of these is in Toledo, Spain. This facility processes protein-based foods that are sold in both Spain and Portugal. The types of foods they process are chicken, beef, and pork.

In order to meet increasing demand for chicken the Toledo OSI Food Solutions facility installed a high-capacity production line. It cost €17 million and it ability to process chicken went from 12,000 tons a year to 24,000 tons. They also added 20 new positions at this plant increasing employment there to 160 people. José María del Río is the managing director of plant. He said that demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal has increased by 8% each of the past three years and it has averaged 6% more demand each year over the past decade.

OSI Food Solutions food protection system was also upgraded when the new high-capacity line was installed. This included the installation of a new perimeter access control surveillance system. Also added was more indoor cameras as well as a state-of-the-art firefighting system. Additionally, all of this operates more efficiently than the older system. This plant has cut its electricity consumption by 20% and they have a new heat recovery system in place.

OSI Food Solutions is based just outside of Chicago, Illinois, in Aurora. In the 1970s this company only supplied protein-based products to McDonald’s Corporation in the United States. Since that time they have greatly expanded and now supply many restaurants and grocery chains across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most of what they supply is protein-based but they do also supply other food products such as vegetables and sauces. While much of this growth has been organic they have also bought competing companies in order to expand, such as in 2016 when they bought both Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in Europe.

Over the years OSI Food Solutions has won many awards for social, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility as well as awards for economic success. Among the environmental awards they have won are the Globe of Honour in the United Kingdom, the California Green Business Award, and the Environmental Awards 2018. They have won animal welfare awards in the United States, Europe, and China as well.