LimeCrime: Taking a Look at What They’re Offering

Lime Crime is one of the world’s most renowned cosmetics lines. Headed by the Queen of Unicorns, herself, Doe Deere, LimeCrime is at the forefront of the beauty industry and is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup world.

What sets this company apart from most is the fact that they are 100% completely vegan. The brand’s CEO, Russian-born Doe Deere, is vegan and decided that everything that bears her name should be cruelty-free as well.

Deere is known for living a strictly vegan lifestyle, and because of this, she and her company’s products are preferred in the vegan community above other name brand makeup lines.

What kind of products does the company have available? All kinds. From lip toppers to eye palettes, Lime Crime has it all, and Doe Deere is often seen rocking Lime Crime’s makeup and giving makeup tutorials.

Lime Crime has makeup for every skin tone and every ethnicity. This means that any girl who sees the bold and bright colors and decides that she wants to join Team Unicorn can do so. The company has women of many ethnicities on their web page and social media pages.

LimeCrime does not merely specialize in cosmetics, however; they also have amazing hair products. Hair dyes are one of the products that keep all of the ladies on Team Unicorn very happy.

There are multiple hues available for women who wish to change their hair colors.

Women can choose a chalky grey hue. This dye is very dark and reminds some unicorns of powerful storm clouds.

Another color is Sea Witch. This is basically teal. It is a smooth blue-green and deeply resembles a glittering mermaid’s tail.

Chestnut is the company’s grey dye. Women can rock flawless grey locks no matter their ages.

Women and girls alike are able to be their true authentic selves when they use LimeCrime makeup. Thanks to Doe Deere and LimeCrime’s vision, becoming a unicorn has become a much easier dream to reach.