Wikipedia Helps Businesses Re-Brand Themselves

Perception is everything in the business world. What people perceive of a business defines the business. Is this always fair? No, there are good companies and equally good people associated with various companies whose reputations suffer in the aftermath of a mishaps. An ill-advised tweet, a bad review, an issue with the income tax agency, and more could tarnish the brand of an image.

Fixing things may take time and effort. Sometimes, the solutions are basically simple. A business could mitigate a lot of bad press when they simply make a Wikipedia page designed to tell the positive about a particular enterprise. Businesses that hire Wiki writers from a top content provider and Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki end up in even better positions to engage in reputation and branding management.

Since anyone can edit a Wiki page, Get Your Wiki’s writers are also on the lookout for any inaccurate information placed on a page and will immediately make Wikipedia revisions to reflect actual business facts.

Technology on the internet continues to expand, and now there is a movement to add text-to-speech software to Wikipedia. Businesses should be thrilled over this news because the number of people able to access Wikipedia content is sure to increase. Businesses end up being able to brand their name to more eyes and ears as a result.

A $335,000 crowdsourced project is being initiated out of Sweden. The funding is coming from Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, and money is being directed to the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Hopefully, the end result will be create a new way of learning what is on Wikipedia.

And businesses in need of fixing their brand do want people to see and hear positive news. The arrival of text-to-speech programming may help with the cause immensely.

There are ways to address branding troubles on Wikipedia. Using tax woes as an example, a business with a lien against it could note the circumstances surrounding the controversy in a particular section of the Wikipedia page. This way, the search engines index the content and the content acts as a hedge against less-than-flattering (and, possibly, inaccurate) material that is out there.

Again, working with a Wiki editing service such as Get Your Wiki is recommended. The text does have to be perfect in order to get the desired impact on readers. The Wiki experts for hire at Get Your Wiki are sure to do a solid job, and help cast a business in a positive light.

Business perplexed at how to address a tough situation should take advantage of Wikipedia’s open-source platform. The encyclopedia is there. Take advantage of it.