Paul Mampilly Details Why His Dad Is His Hero

Paul Mampilly entered the financial industry in 1991 when he found a position at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. Through trial and error, he developed the skills that took him to be an in-demand hedge fund manager. The last Wall Street firm he worked for, Kinetics Asset Management, handed him the reigns to their fund that was worth $6 billion. His strategic investments resulted in this rising to a value of $25 billion.

He now helps everyday people make smart decision with their money when choosing to invest it. He grew to not care for Wall Street and its focus on the 1% and how to make them richer. Paul Mampilly uses the areas of growth investing, small-cap stocks, tech, and special opportunities to help others achieve financial independence through his newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

He says that the biggest hero in his life is his father. His dad was born in 1933 in India. He was born and raised in a tiny, poor village in a very poor nation at the time. His dad’s mom died when he was just three years old and his father died when he was 20. Despite these setbacks, he was able to get job and use the money to pay for his college education.

His father found a job in Bombay, the financial center of India. Despite this, he couldn’t earn enough money to support his family. He found a job in Dubai he wanted so he applied for it despite the rest of his family saying it was a bad idea. Paul Mampilly says it was actually great decision because Dubai was on the cusp of exploding into an international sensation due to the wealth of oil under it.

Paul Mampilly is very appreciative that his parents were able to pay for his college education and that of his sister. They both attended college in the United States and he decided that he liked this country so much he would spend the rest of his life in it. Helping his fellow Americans make money through investing is his way of paying back the country he came to love.

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How Ryan Seacrest Gets It All Done In A Day

Ryan Seacrest has been able to get all of his multiple tasks accomplished and still manages to look great. He credits part of his tenacity to looking great and living for a glass of wine to his brief relationship with Dick Clark. He can remember a conversation he had with Clark saying; you have to make the audience see being a co-host and a radio personality is easy even when it’s not. Seacrest has been able to successfully manage being a talk show host and radio personality. Ryan Seacrest is also an exercise enthusiasts with other great achievements.

Ryan Seacrest: Brief Biography

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest is co-producer of the hit E! television show Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s. Amazingly, the KUWTK show is viewed in ten million homes on a weekly basis for the past 11 years. The show also features co-star Kim Kardashian West. He’s also responsible for the hit TV show American Idol with Simon Cowell. Seacrest also stars as the host of American Idol. Ryan has also been able to maintain his show as a radio personality also. Many people will agree that anything he touches turns to gold.

Ryan Seacrest’s Other Business Deals

As per the NY Times, Ryan Seacrest is also responsible for creating a men’s suit under his clothing line. His suit includes a relaxed fit for laid back professionals. In fact, his evening jacket is marketed under the same casual businessman moniker. He says; his suite collection also comes with a secret weapon. He currently lives in New York City and commutes to work every day by car. He’s proud of being a part of the Live With Kelly & Ryan Show. The highlight of his co-host position with Kelly is seeing her smile every day. They also mention that they’re actually really good friends.

You can learn more about his radio broadcast, television production, or Ryan Seacrest as a professional by visiting his Wikipedia. Many people don’t know that he enjoys taking a moment out of his busy day to exercise. You can find his collection of clothing at select retail department stores around the world.


Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

The steps to Loan Process

Many business owners and individuals have been issued this kind of loans with a success rate. The steps to the successful achievement of this loan are below:

Gather the stock documents you want to use as collateral, then contact Equities First Holdings to initiate the contract and let them know how many loans you need.

The company then initiate your application for the loan and collects your collateral documentation, this is when your loan-to-value ratio and your fixed interest rate is being calculated.

You will be given the terms and conditions to judiciously read through, after which you will be required to sign the stock you’re using as collateral over to Equities First Holdings if you agree with the contract’s terms and conditions therein. The collateral is then transferred into a custodian account after which you can receive your loan.

Both parties are required to concur on the terms of the agreement, the failure of one party to agree may result in termination of the contract. Funds are transferred to the borrower simultaneously with the transfer of stock to be used as collateral by the borrower.

Equities First Holdings will be paid interest as at when due as soon the loan becomes active to the borrower and when the loan and interest have been completely paid, the stock used as collateral is then returned to the borrower.

Fortress Investment Group and its Services

Since Fortress Investment Group was established as a private equity company in 1998, the company has always acted as the trendsetter. This was displayed clear after the company became the first one to have its share trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange when it came to privately held companies.

At the moment, Fortress Investment Group is among those organizations that are having diversified services in the investment world globally. The company is responsible for assets worth $40 billion belonging to private investors as well as organizational clients. The company focuses on private equity, hedge funds including permanent capital vehicles. The organization that has more than 900 employees has its head offices located in New York.

Fortress investment group has three principal responsible for its smooth running of operations. The three principals include Wes Edes and Randal Nardone who are based in New York and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco. The main areas that the company has specialized in include capital markets, investment based on assets, operations management, corporate acquisitions and mergers, and knowledge of institutions and company’s based in specific industries.

When it comes to the company’s asset-based investments, the organization offers credit funds as well as private equity. These two are composed of a broad variety of assets including financial vehicle, real estate, and capital that contribute to the long-term flow of cash. The organization has critical expertise when it comes to pricing, management of both financial and physical assets, owning, and financing.

In operations management, the organization has come up with various tools meant for getting value from highly complex investments that Fortress investment Group makes. The organization is well equipped when it comes to operational evaluation, strategic and structural portfolio management.

Over the 20 years, the organization has been operating; Fortress Group has attained deep expertise in handling acquisitions and mergers. The team of professionals of the company has an excellent understanding and relationships with corporate board members, corporate shareholders, and management professionals. All these allow them to offer the best services to the company’s clients. In addition to this, this indicates that the organization understands well the capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group was established by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens who are both principals in the company. The third co-founder is Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The three founders were previously working with Lehman Brothers, BlackRock Financial Management, UBS, and Goldman Sachs. With the experience that they had acquired, it was easy for them to come up with their organization.

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OSI Food Solutions: A Global Leader in Food Production

OSI Food Solutions is a private corporation. They currently have over sixty different manufacturing facilities around the world and have a presence in seventeen different countries. One of their most recent acquisitions was a Chicago, Illinois based processing plant and storage facility. The facility was previously owned by Tyson and manufactured a lot of their ready-to-eat food products. No information is available about the financial side of the deal and it is unclear as to what kind of production will take place in the facility. When asked why they acquired it, an OSI representative stated that they needed to meet the growing demands of their customers and to expand their company. OSI Food Solutions is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. This puts their new facility within relatively close proximity to their headquarters. Only time will tell what is being produced within the facility and why the Chicago based plant was the right choice to purchase.

Apart from recently acquiring the above-mentioned production plant from Tyson, OSI Food Solutions has also acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a prominent Dutch food production company and specializes in deli meat, snacks, and ready-to-eat foods. They deal with both the food service and retail industries. Neither OSI Food Solutions or Baho Foods has disclosed information about the financial terms of the acquisition, but the owners of each company have expressed confidence and joy in working together as one merged company. The leading members of Baho are being kept within the company and retaining their jobs. When asked why OSI Food Solutions made the acquisition, an OSI representative stated that the company purchased Baho Foods in an attempt to gain a larger presence in Europe. To know more about the company click here.

OSI is a rapidly growing company and is frequently making intelligent acquisitions to grow their company into a global corporation. With these acquisitions comes a larger demand for their products. Among many others, OSI distributes meat products to McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, and Burger King. In general, chicken consumption has been on a major rise. By supplying such large food chains with their poultry products, OSI has had to double their production of chicken. They create products such as chicken patties, chicken nuggets, and other pre-cooked chicken products for these companies and many more. OSI is confident that their company can meet the demands of such a large client base and their decision to double production shows that. At the moment the majority of their chicken products are created in their Chinese locations.

Fortress Investment Group Continues to Redefine Private Equity

Fortress Investment Group is a force of innovation in the management of investments in America and the world. It is headed by partners who have a lot of knowledge in the field of investments and finance. The partners are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. They have worked with leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. The coming together of this minds was a blessing to the investment industry. They have the goal of having an investment which focuses on different asset classes which create private equity. It is a dream they are pursuing up to today. As such, through sheer determination and commitment, Fortress Investment Group has grown to unimaginable levels. With an initial base of around $400 million, the firm has won the trust of many clients who have continued to engage its services. The asset base is currently in excess of $70 billion and continues to grow. It is such a tremendous achievement.

Perhaps its journey to succeed in the world of investment was when it released its first investment vehicle. It was popularly known as the Fortress Investment Fund. This new investment product was launched in the year 1999. It attracted the attention of many investors who saw it as a new frontier in the world of investment. From the initial investments in the New York and Toronto real estate markets, the Fortress Investment Group has continued to grow its asset class and the assets under management. It has significant interests in debt markets and hedge funds. These investments have continued to perform exemplary in the market which has assisted the firm in attracting more clients. The decision to go public in the year 2007 illustrated the confidence the founder members had in the firm. It was the first private equity firm to go public. It made history which gave investors another reason to seek its services.

The entry of Peter Briger was one of the most remarkable moments for the firm. The professional in the field of investments and finance was instrumental in bringing vast knowledge and connections to the firm. The new partner previously worked for Goldman Sachs. This is another renowned firm in investment markets. The new partner would bring in vital knowledge needed to steer the firm forward. Mr. Peter had more than one decade working in the Asian financial sector. His entry would be critical in understanding the Asian market and attracting investors from this region. The three are in charge of Fortress Investment Group which continues to cement its name in this highly competitive industry.

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Louis Chênevert’s Successful Regime at United Technologies Corporations

Louis R. Chênevert offered his services to United Technologies Corporations, UTC for quite some time before his retirement. While at the company, he held the position of Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Besides, he also worked in the firm as its Director. The experiences that drove his career to enormous success were from General Motors where he served as the company’s Production General Manager for close to fourteen years. Louis R. Chênevert also worked at Pratt & Whitney for a period of time.


The current positions he has held include Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, a board member at Cargill Inc. as well as Yale Cancer Center as the President. For his education, Louis Chênevert attended the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) for a prestigious degree in production management. After that, he enrolled at the University of Montreal for his Doctorate studies.

When coming up with UTC, he had access to many ideas through constant teamwork. He had to offer a listening ear to the plights of his customers. He improved the engine systems and technologies of operating aeroplanes. These led to meaningful fuel consumption and noise reduction in the engines. As a result, he managed to satisfy the needs of his customers at minimum prices. While at it, he tried an extra mile to surpass the expectations of his clients. Basically, Louis Chênevert brought more ideas to life through customer reviews.


What kept him going at the company were the technological advancements and the constant positive changes for a promising future. Louis Chênevert coupled his leadership with great optimism and commitment to ensuring that everything is a success. Moreover, he owes his excellence to his first experience while starting his career.


According to Louis Chênevert, creating more awareness about internal politics within the company is the reason behind his successful leadership. He also spends most of his time linking employees with similar goals together to ensure that they grow together. Above all, unwavering focus makes every idea a success. For these reasons, UTC remains to be the most competent jet engines assembling company across the globe.

Bob Reina, Using The Vision Of Perseverance

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion wrote a blog post about how much persistence is needed to keep going after failure. Or least what’s sometimes perceived as, “failure.” Those who succeed use their failures to drive them to a higher level of aspirations. In the post, Reina mentally explores the difference between direct sellers, who continue on despite setbacks, and those who give up after one hard lesson. By way of comparison he refers to Beyonce’s album, “Lemonade,” using it as a metaphor to apply life’s lesson to make bad times (lemons) into something more productive (lemonade).


The post is focused on teaching network marketers perseverance. Reina mentions those who rise higher after each failure and never give up. Those who continue putting in long hours, helping their downlines, and assisting others with their ambitions. He sees society as becoming accustomed to giving up much too easily. He said that people start the year with goals of establishing healthy habits, but somehow they quit to pursue something that isn’t worthwhile. The blog goes beyond the direct selling industry and points out that the path to lasting change is bound to get a little bumpy along the way. But those who persevere, are the ones who develop lifelong habits, which help them in the future.


Talk Fusion is a global business opportunity that Bob Reina founded to help people achieve personal and business success. He created Talk Fusion as an entrepreneurial tool to transform people from, “average” into something beyond their dreams. For him, the doorway opened when he created a better way to send a video in an email of a house he was touring. That was in 2004 and AOL technology wasn’t advanced enough to allow him to send his mother a video email. So, he brainstormed and came up with a better format. From there, he developed the Talk Fusion as a flagship business opportunity in 2007.


Whenever Bob Reina encounters a Talk Fusion business owner, he sees someone who wants more. He believes in his company and what it stands for as a whole. He travels around the globe working with Talk Fusion associates, providing them with expanded business tools for building their downlines. But he never strays away from the original vision, which is helping other people empower themselves. For whatever goals they’ve set, from earning extra income to having their own businesses. Learn more:


OSI Industries Inc. Enhances Traditional Food Processing Services

OSI Industries Inc. is a popular North American food processing plant based in Zurich, Illinois. They were on the first to answer to a stable food industry while their competitors are reluctant. There are strict rules over the food industry and some networks only comply through sanctions and infractions. However, OSI is committed to putting only the safest meal on your table according the highest standard of the government mandated laws. They also adhere to public disclosure to know where you food comes from and what’s in it by visiting their website for more details.

Recent News About OSI Industries

OSI president, David A. McDonald is proud to say the team work of his top executives have created international partnerships worth over $7 million dollars. His COO, Sheldon Lavin was a key executive behind the international deal with the EU. Surprisingly, OSI saw the value in the European food industry and set out to partner with one of their largest food processing facilities. They will now operate the Flagship Europe processing their frozen poultry and food condiments. The deal has been a success for everyone involved and has led to a push for organic vegetables in the India food market.

They have accumulated assets worth an estimated $60 billion dollars. OSI is proud to say the celebrated a 20 year milestone with China. The United States and Asia are two of their most successful partnerships and they would like for all to follow suit on their portfolio. They continue their international food expansion with the Dutch market by taking over Baho foods. They continue to process hot dogs, frozen poultry, pie/sandwich fillings, meat patties, dessert, and organic vegetables. OSI has a mission to put quality food on the table of thousands of households nationwide and proudly overseas.

Their commitment to the communities they serve includes a lucrative bid for a Chicago Tyson food plant. The goal was to make a successful bid for the plant and help hundreds of workers retain their current position. They will now process their original Tyson food products alongside select OSI products.

Learn more about your job opportunities with OSI Industries Inc. their applicants an equal opportunity employer with plenty of room for advancement. You’ll love coming to work each day and being a part of the food safety initiative. Find a unique career opportunity internationally or nearly nationwide at OSI Industries Inc.

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Bob Reina Is Changing The World Through His Actions And Generosity

Bob Reina has decided to stop adopting stray animals. He will be donating over a million dollars to animal causes but is mostly certain he will not be having anymore pets living in his home. The pet hair from his eleven cats and dogs requires two full-time housekeepers. He has three basset hounds, Stormy, Blue Bell and Presley. After the pup lost a leg due to the attack of an alligator, he rescued Reina. Sport is a Labrador mix Bob Reina thinks looks like a giraffe. He also has five rescued and stray cats named Lucky, Madison, Chance, Mystery and Scrappy. Bob Reina has always loved animals.


In the past, Bob Reina served Hillsborough County as a deputy sheriff. His ability to donate to animals came from his founding of Talk Fusion, a small technology company. This year, he donated $250,000 to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society at their annual gala. He is following his generosity with another $750,000. This will enable the society to offer low-cost veterinary services. People previously unable to afford checkups, neuter and spay services, shot and diagnostic tests for their pets will be able to do so. In the past, he has paid the vet bills for numerous families. His love of animals knows no bounds.


Bob Reina firmly believes success brings much greater responsibilities. This idea has become part of the basic culture of Talk Fusion. The company sees the idea as part of their corporate DNA, and everything they do is driven by this concept. They provide help as both a company and as individuals. With Bob Reina’s guidance, the company is always looking for new ways to do more and help more. Their motivation appears endless. Learn more:


The impact of Bob Reina as an influencer and a leader has already had an amazing impact on the world. He has saved the lives of countless animals, donated $1 million to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and generously supported an orphanage in Indonesia. His vision has changed lives directly through actions, and his actions are repeated by both his Independent Associates and his company in over 140 countries to date.



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