Dr. Sam Jejurikar Has Had a Great Influence on Modern Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is someone who has been been widely recognized for his accomplishments as a successful plastic surgeon. One accolade that he received was the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor award, which only a handful of skilled and dedicated physicians received in 2012. This honor is only for the doctors with the best bedside attitude, and it is a very competitive award. When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar is very well-respected in the medical community, and he even received recognition from the Registry of Business Excellence, which the American Registry recently added him to.

Despite all of the amazing things that he has been able to do in his professional medical career, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has said that he is actually most proud of his role as a father. He has three children, and raising them well is something that he takes great pride in. It is quite common for successful people to struggle with finding the proper balance between work and family, and physicians are certainly no exception to this. However, Jejurikar has always made it a priority to be heavily involved in the lives of his children and be the best possible influence that he can.

Within the world of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one of the professionals whose name is widely known and trusted. He is quite active when it comes to the industry’s current research regarding plastic surgery and new technologies. He noted that being able to help his patients is quite fulfilling. Being able to improve someone’s self image through their physical appearance is something that he considers to be very meaningful work. Mr. Jejurikar is quite hopeful about the industry’s future, and he will continue doing outstanding work as a cosmetic surgeon for years to come.