Upwork is an online platform where companies across the world can hire as well as work with independent consultants/professionals. The company allows startups to access qualified talent. To this end, the company allows business to get things done by connecting them with freelancers. Freelancers can work on various projects including social media marketing, mobile and web app development, SEO articles, content writing, admin help and graphic design. According to the company, its aim is making it easy for companies to find, hire, work with, as well as pay the best freelancers anytime and anywhere.

It was started in 1998 and has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Moreover, the company has additional offices in Chicago Illinois, San Francisco, California, and Oslo, Norway. Previously, Upwork operated as Elance-oDesk before it changed to its current name in May 2015. Recent statistics show that Upwork Inc. is the largest cloud-based freelance job platform in the world with the broadest coverage as well as largest pool of job finders and employers.

In the platform, freelancers and businesses bid for the best gig at competitive prices. It provides many benefits to employers including expeditious freelancer search and efficient working platform. The company has investment in algorithms and data science that makes it easier for employers search and narrow down on the best talent they would like to work on their job. In addition, employers can text or video chat with their freelancers during the project. They can also exchange files and other documents needed to complete the project. For freelancers, they benefit from upwork in that their payments are protected. They can also withdraw their earnings using different payment gateways such as mobile money, e—wallets and credit cards

Upwork has put in place measure to protect users from scams and frauds. As such, it has developed policies to limit the number of fake freelancers and employers thus protecting the integrity of the website and legitimate users. When employees and employers join the platform, they are assured that they will find genuine solutions.

Upwork has different features including chat scheduling, feedback sharing, work diary, global payments, profile browsing, and proposal reviewing. Other features include reporting and invoicing, mobile access, candidates shortlisting, and needs analysis.

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Skout Takes on The World Of Social Media

This is the age of social media. People often log into their accounts to post pictures, updates, and little texts so that fans could keep up with what they are doing. People also use social media in order to promote their businesses and products. One thing that some people notice about social media is that it is not that social. However, there are social media platforms like Skout that encourage people with each other in person. One of the major influences behind the social media platform of Skout is Portia Kersten, who is the CFO of Skout.

Portia Kersten is one of the shining examples of women who have made it really far in their careers. Given her success in the industry, one would be amazed to know that she has grown up poor. She also did not have TV. She instead read books. As a result, she was able to develop her imagination and creativity. She has made good use of her creativity in order to help the social media network of Skout have its current model. Portia Kersten has faced her challenges when it comes to working in a company. She has displayed the value of confidence in a business world. She is an inspiration to many people.

Skout is one social media platform that actually brings people together. Many members of Skout have a very positive experience that brings them back. The platform can be accessed online. Skout also has apps that could be downloaded for iPhone and Android smartphones. People can also access it from their tablets. Skout not only inspires people to connect on levels beyond the online community, but they also inspire to carry out positive acts in their community. Communities often gather together to help out with emergencies. For instance, members in the Philippines have gathered together to help out with a local member that is having medical problems.

As more people are learning about Skout, they are signing up for the community so that they can take part in the online connection that is lacking in other social media platforms. Skout can be used for chatting online, but it is also often used for meeting up in person.

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