The ClassDojo Keeps Communication Rolling

The world of education is always going to be running much smoother when there is a communication platform and place. This is what people have found out when they look at ClassDojo. This has become a very valuable tool for teachers and students. More people are able to benefit from this because it allows them to create a dialogue about what is actually going on in the classroom.

Many parents have busy schedules where they may not get a chance to make as many one-on-one conferences with the teachers of their children. The great thing about this is that teachers and parents can download the app, and this becomes a portal into the classroom.

Teachers have the ability to post things that have been done in the classroom. They are able to discuss various concepts that are being taught. Parents get a chance to learn first-hand how their children are learning. This is something that makes ClassDojo one of the more popular apps for parents that want to enhance the communication with parents.

A lot of people have discovered the ClassDojo app because it allows them to learn about how their children are progressing. There are no more surprise classroom projects. There are no more excuses from kids about what they did not know about because the communication system is stronger.

Parents have the ability to see the instruction plans for their kids. They have access to the classroom material as well. This definitely makes the transition much smoother for parents that want to stay connected to what their children are doing.

ClassDojo app has made it incredibly easy for teachers to make sure the parents know what is going on. This communication has become utilized in America and many other different countries. It has become the standard for better communication in education.

More countries are embracing this app because it is available through the web and through smart phones.This makes it possible for more people to access the app at any time. ClassDojo has become the type of app that makes it possible for parents, teachers and students to connect.

Kamil Idris; Thoughtful Articles On Intellectual Property And Chinese Sanctions

Intellectual Property Rights, The President, And Chinese Sanctions

Professor Kamil Idris gives an in-depth explanation about the current sanctions on China put in place by The US President. With the International shakedowns bringing uncertainty in the World Trade sector, President Trump is pulling no punches. His no-nonsense tactics with foreign countries that appear to be stealing, or at the very least, taking advantage of the American People, President Trump is quick to defend and penalize such nations.

Chinese imports are a huge industry in the United States. However a lot of these imports are illegal. Why? They are in fact stolen Intellectual Property. Professor Kamil Idris explains that Intellectual Property is any type of real property that was invented in the mind. Logos, artwork, inventions, ideas, just to name a few. This theft could be costing the US Billions of dollars in lost revenue. The President then added tariffs to recoup some of the loss. Because of the vast numbers of Chinese products worldwide, critics are concerned that the President may trigger a trade war. The President disagrees, however, and stands firm in his sanctions.

A Celebration Of Human Creativity

The World Intellectual Property day, as explained by Professor Kamil Idris, is a paramount celebration of the ingenuity of the human species. Without Intellectual Property rights in place, the ability to be unique and creative would not be brought to the world by protecting the art and giving sole ownership to the creator.

In honoring the creative mind of humanity, we are essentially highlighting the beauty of the evolving world around us. If the ancients had never inscribed crude drawings on rock walls, perhaps Van Gogh would not have the paintings displayed in museums that exist today. Without the Wright Brothers, bustling airports would function completely different, if at all. From one invention evolves another, as the human mind always looks for bigger and better ways to be progressive.

International Peacekeeping

Professor Kamil Idris’ expertise is in International law, and he prides himself in being a peacekeeper. He is often requested by prestigious organizations for very delicate matters that he arbitrates with the clients. The Professor resides in Sudan, where he is actively working for the Arbitration Courts to provide fair representation and arbitration to clients from around the world. His goal is bring peace into the courtroom, where both parties can leave feeling accomplished and satisfied with the decisions made therein.


Mike Burwell Of Willis Towers Watson Shares Thoughts On Success And Life

Michael Burwell works with Willis Towers Watson as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Before joining the team at Willis, Burwell spent 31 years of his career with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Burwell prepared for his career with an undergraduate degree in business administration obtained from Michigan State University. Burwell is also a certified public accountant and was named alumni of the year by MSU in 2010. View Additional Info Here.


Michael Burwell took a moment recently to share a few thoughts.


What Does Your Day Look Like Typically


On most days I am out of bed at 5 AM. I make my bed immediately, even when on the road. Doing this makes me feel as if I accomplished something. Exercise is usually the first order of the day and I like to ride a stationary bike. While riding, I have the chance to plot my day.


What Is A Habit Of Yours That Promote Productivity


I have always been interested in learning how to do more with less. To this end, I think technology can be used to make talented people even more productive. I always tell friends and acquaintances the apps that I use to increase productivity and they share the same information with me.



Is There Any Advice You Would Give A Younger Version Of Yourself


Yes. Be careful of seeking to appease others while collaborating. While it is nice if everyone can be happy when working as a group, people pleasing can be a surefire way to failure.



What Is A Business Strategy You Have Benefitted From


Remember that everyone will always be able to explain to you why your ideas will not work. It is a necessity to be both positive and relentless. I always take the time to celebrate with team members and carefully assess the reasons behind our wins and losses.



What Is A Habit You Do Over And Over That Has Brought You Success


I learned long ago the importance of becoming a good listener. Everyone has interesting information to offer. The question is always if time will be invested in discovering it.



What Is The Best $100 You Have Recently Spent


Well, I paid $100 for a briefcase chord organizer. I do a lot of traveling and it has been extremely helpful to have all my cords organized.


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Fagali Airport: Beautiful Apia

     When you are traveling through the Fagali Airport headed towards the beautiful city of Apia, you will find that it takes no more than five minutes to get there. Apia is the capital of Samoa and has an exotic land many travelers love to come for exploring. The Fagali Airport is exclusively hidden away among the rain-forest that surrounds the island. When you taxi from the Fagali Airport, many tourist destination points are in view such as resorts, hotels, all within 20 minutes of travel by car. Once you arrive at the Fagali Airport, you have a selection of either renting a car, hiring a driver or take the shuttle.

The Apia Fagali Airport currently is served by Polynesian Airlines and allows you to connect to direct flights from U.S. select cities, even Honolulu. Apia is often known to a lot of tourists who want to enjoy the beaches and the Taumeasina Island Resort. These amenities will not break your wallet at all. The temperature all year round is moderately hot staying at a comfortable 85 degrees. Many travelers seek out Apia to relax and seriously enjoy the warm weather. They also can learn about the Samoa culture and taste their great food.

Interview Magazine on Alex Pall

Alex Pall has come a long way from his roots in Westchester, New York. He attended New York University and studied Art History and Music. He stayed in Manhattan after graduation and had odd jobs which included an Art Gallery in Chelsea. He intended to continue to work in the art field but he also did part time work as a Disc Jockey in numerous clubs. It was at one of these clubs that he met Andrew Taggart. They were introduced by a friend of Alex’s, who thought they would work well together in the music industry. His hunch was right when the duo formed the Chainsmokers. They appeared at many of the nightclubs in which Alex had been a DJ. Several recordings were released by them over the years but they did not reach the height of fame they wanted until they released their single, “#Selfie“. This song became such a hit that they now had a following.

You owe me| @thatoneblondkid

A post shared by A L E X (@alexpall) on

Today, they are still churning out hits and have released over twenty singles. In March, 2017, they announced that they would be releasing their first complete album by April of the same year. When it was released, it instantly topped the charts. A second album followed in April of 2018. They have said that they are planning releasing a third album within the next year. Billboard’s Dance 100 chart named them the top dance musicians for 2018. They are continuing to put out new singles every month as they had planned from the very beginning. The following that they had in New York when they first started has now grown to include all fifty states and overseas. They are as well known in Europe as they are in their native America. Many industry leaders have noticed them and wish to sign them now.

Rodrigo Terpins- High Achieving Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a well known rally driver within the Brazilian sports world. Terpins came from a long line of athletes, his father a former basketball player and his brother a rally driver as well, competition ran deep within his blood. Today, Rodrigo Terpins races for the Tea Bull Sertoes team competing alongside his just as equally talented brother, Michel Terpins. The pair have been racing together aboard the T-Rex, which was custom designed specifically for them by the MEM Motorsports Association. The Terpins brothers recently raced in and completed the twenty second annual Sertoes Rally Championship. In this race, the pair raced across twenty six hundred kilometers, spanning across two different states, and going through seven unique obstacle courses. The courses were designed specifically to test the ability and agility, and mental and physical capacity of the racers. The team of brothers finished in third place overall out of thirty eight competitors in that latest, grueling rally race. This feat showed just how talented the pair of brothers are, and what they have worked so hard to accomplish. Rodrigo is such a staple to the Brazilian people because of his love for rally racing, and his competitive nature. For more details visit Crunchbase.


In a recent interview, Rodrigo Terpins was asked what he did in order to keep racing fresh, and his passion alive. He revealed that He has also taken an interest in T1 Prototype Racing, which he is able to dabble in on occasion. He said that this is one of the main reasons he is able to keep a passionate interest in rally racing still today. Terpins and his brother are talented and bring humble confident racing to the table, which is another reason Brazil raves over the duo. Though the Terpins brothers were unable to compete in the recent Cuesta Off-Road Championships, they vow to come back next year and bring with them, nothing short of a win. he is currently training, finding a balance of work and family life, and doing all he can to give love back to his Brazilian people.

Louis Chênevert’s Successful Regime at United Technologies Corporations

Louis R. Chênevert offered his services to United Technologies Corporations, UTC for quite some time before his retirement. While at the company, he held the position of Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Besides, he also worked in the firm as its Director. The experiences that drove his career to enormous success were from General Motors where he served as the company’s Production General Manager for close to fourteen years. Louis R. Chênevert also worked at Pratt & Whitney for a period of time.


The current positions he has held include Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, a board member at Cargill Inc. as well as Yale Cancer Center as the President. For his education, Louis Chênevert attended the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) for a prestigious degree in production management. After that, he enrolled at the University of Montreal for his Doctorate studies.

When coming up with UTC, he had access to many ideas through constant teamwork. He had to offer a listening ear to the plights of his customers. He improved the engine systems and technologies of operating aeroplanes. These led to meaningful fuel consumption and noise reduction in the engines. As a result, he managed to satisfy the needs of his customers at minimum prices. While at it, he tried an extra mile to surpass the expectations of his clients. Basically, Louis Chênevert brought more ideas to life through customer reviews.


What kept him going at the company were the technological advancements and the constant positive changes for a promising future. Louis Chênevert coupled his leadership with great optimism and commitment to ensuring that everything is a success. Moreover, he owes his excellence to his first experience while starting his career.


According to Louis Chênevert, creating more awareness about internal politics within the company is the reason behind his successful leadership. He also spends most of his time linking employees with similar goals together to ensure that they grow together. Above all, unwavering focus makes every idea a success. For these reasons, UTC remains to be the most competent jet engines assembling company across the globe.

Success Of Anthony Petrello

Tony Petrello started becoming famous when he was in high school, his excellent abilities in math is what contributed to his popularity in his hometown. On a piece of paper or napkins, Petrello was well known for utilizing his time in forming ambiguous equations and proofs that he could solve them without getting assistance. He was awarded the scholarship by the Yale University when they realized about Tony’s ability. Also, he got the chance of mentorship by Serge Lang. Serge was an intelligent mathematician, a professor, and author. What made Lang popular is the innovative work in number theory, and for practicing math through different volumes of mathematics textbook from various disciplines of mathematics. Tony got both bachelor’s and master’s degree at Yale.

When Tony graduated from Yale University, he decided not to be a mathematician and this amazed many people including his professors and classmates. Instead, Tony Petrello joined Harvard Law School. His passion towards law instead of mathematics is not known. He graduated from the law school in 1970, and he never changed his mind. In the year 1979, Tony joined American law firm known as Baker McKenzie. In this firm, Tony Petrello’s specialization was on the business law mostly on the areas involving taxation and arbitration. His experience in Baker McKenzie law firm made tony to find out his enthusiasm for the business, the finances, and the law interconnects in exciting and captivating manner. He got a position as a managing partner of the same law firm in New York division. He performed his duty flawlessly before encountering the fate that led him down.

At the Baker & McKenzie, he served with a client whose name was Nabors Industries. When Anthony Petrello was attending the Nabors account, he ensured that he always made the significant impact that the heads of the industry would not fail to notice. They not only appreciate the hard work of Petrello and associating the business with the Baker & McKenzie law firm. The managers tried to hire him because they were compelled by his strength of analysis and his commitment. After a while, the Nabors’ managers managed to convince Tony, and he joined them as an executive, and he left the Baker & McKenzie law firm. Tony who was a potential mathematician entirely turned to a corporate lawyer which was his new career. Mr. Petrello was ready to become a business executive. Apart from the profession of Tony Petrello he also did philanthropic work.

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Jeunesse Global: Champion MLM Platform of Successful Age-Reversal Supplements

A great complication of the world today is that despite our increased years, the life in them wanes all too quickly. With improvements to life span and “wellness” comes only the benefit of drawing out the daily grind a little longer. What, though, is the point if one’s drive to success is snuffed out so early? This a question that Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray sought to answer when they formed Jeunesse in 2009 after putting their hearts, minds and funds together to bring the Youth Enhancement System to the world. The idea was to target the causes of premature aging and protect what our youthful populations still have while reversing the damage that’s been sustained to the wiser among us.

The problem of aging is as much the cause as it is the result of many unnatural influences in the contemporary lifestyles that we accept as “normal” today. There’s a bevy of problems with sedentary living, constant exposure to electrical plants and computer devices, and the highly processed junk that we put in our systems more than ever before. These conditions are allowed to proliferate because of unhealthy habits that people are off-handedly trained to adopt. The Youth Enhancement System is poised to change this with all-natural answers to the unnatural problems that we face.

The system is comprised of the following:

  1. Fitness

Keep your appetite under control while accelerating the conversion of excess fat to lean muscle to get back in shape.

  1. Energy and Sleep

Tuck in cozily every night and wake up feeling refreshed to take on the world with a full tank.

  1. Mood and Concentration

Stay frosty with a mind-boosting protein mix, and keep that chin up to push through your responsibilities without stressing out.

  1. Skin Health

Maintain that youthful look with a series of creams that impart short- and long-term youth-restoring effects.

  1. Immune System and Cellular Functions

Fight back your chronic deficiencies and stay healthy for the days ahead with superfood blends.

Southridge Capital – Strategic Financing

Southridge Capital is a finance firm that delivers advice to companies and corporations.

The innovative staff provide solutions to their clientele’s financial needs. Their strategies include diverse options on investing and great opportunities in returns. The company will provide all facets of their clients financial needs; from financial projections to uniquely designed balance sheet management.

Southridge Capital has aided over 200 companies and funded over a billion into companies to guarantee their growth potential. Southridge not only helps companies with funding and investments, but also helps with mergers and acquisitions. Southridge helps with assist with legal issues, including bankruptcy. With Southridge by their sides, companies can rest assure that any hurdle can be avoided or achieved; whether legal or financial.

Southridge Capital offers a myriad of services to companies big or small, startup or stable. Southridge has cost effective ways to enhance a company’s credit, security, and financial solutions in an innovative style. Southridge wants every client to take advantage of everything that they have to offer and more. Southridge also includes their clients current asset status, they will look for the most advantageous and innovative ways to enhance their current state. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In order to accomplish restructuring for their clients, Southride works directly with creditors and their clients. Southridge Capital is lead by five innovative and unique individuals that are diverse in financing. Southridge Capital is not just about work, they are also an organization that contributes to the community. They have worked with many charitable organizations; whether its by funding or voluntarism. Check out

Southridge hopes to achieve success with each and every client they work with by enhancing their business. In addition, they believe in giving back to the community to show that their philanthropic work really means a great deal to them. They not only want success for themselves and their clients, but for the community as well.

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