Make of Break With Terry Baltes

Many names are out there in terms of hospitality and real estate. One, for example, is Terry Baltes. He is, for one, the owner and founder of BALTES COMMERCIAL REALTY LTD.

Mr. Baltes’ company is based in Dayton. He resides there himself. Both he and his company are but one sole personal & business name in the business of real estate and customer hospitality, of which many may be remembered….due to their quality and way of treating others. For that is what will really make or break them, as they say.

How attentive is a business to the details? How integrated are the employees and executives to carrying out such details, and the overall mission objectives of the company at large? These questions must be asked by any who are willing to succeed in any business great or small, but I specifically refer to that of the hotel real estate industry here.

According to this unique and wonderfully written online article piece listed above, which was released just earlier in July of this very year, I quote:
“As hotel guests increasingly come to expect amenities that used to be special perks, such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfasts and premium bed linens, the industry may be reaching a customer satisfaction plateau, according to the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study,SM released….” (pg. 1, paragraph 1)

What this goes to show is that a 20 year study has gone a long way in attempting to measure overall guest satisfaction within these businesses. Many factors have been accounted for. They include check in and check out experience, food and beverage service & quality, length of stay, and much more!

Baltes Commercial Realty

A Stand-Alone Lip Balm You Will Love

When it comes to lip balms Evolution of Smooth or EOS as it’s commonly known as is like none other. Not only do they produce lip balm that is made of natural ingredients, but also they come in cute and fun spheres and sticks that all women would love. The cute little spheres come in a variety of colors and flavors that offers something for everyone. Their colors are soft and indicate the flavor inside such as a soft green for Honeysuckle Honeydew and pink for Strawberry Sorbet. They have a wide range of flavors to choose from that provide a sweet taste to your lips. EOS lip balm took lip balms a step further and introduced spheres that shimmer and some that contain sunscreens for protection from the sun.
Not only are the products fun, but they are also safe and include ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba. They are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic so you can be sure you are using a product that is safe. This lip balm offers you protection against the elements while keeping your lips soft and supple and with a sweet flavor. See,

EOS lip balm has everything you want in a lip balm and more. It is a fun way to use lip balm and comes packaged individually or in multipacks so that you can have a variety of flavors or even give them out to friends as gifts if you choose. With this lip balm you can be sure you are getting a product that not only is beneficial in hydrating your lips and keeping them moisturized, but a product you can rely on to be safe at the same time. Visit their website, Facebook page and their profile on Linked In for more information.


Lovaganza Announcement: Highly Anticipated Global Celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is a two-pronged approach to innovative entertainment, a venture that strives to bring a fresh experience to viewers around the globe, one that embraces the unique cultural varieties of all peoples on the face of the planet. This two-pronged approach starts with what’s known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which intends to bring cutting edge and futuristic entertainment technology to the masses in order to revolutionize the way we are entertained. Then, based on the profits of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, the venture presents The Lovaganza Foundation, which is more focused on providing an overall positive impact around the world while simultaneously supporting both regional and global initiatives that help others.

What’s great about Lovaganza is that they plan to use their entertainment behemoth to present what they call a Bohemian adventure, a unique and completely innovative entertainment festival that will occur simultaneously in eight locations around the planet, all of them focused on presenting viewers with a vivid look at every culture and variety of lifestyle around the globe. Originally slated for a 2015 showing, Lovaganza pushed the presentation back to the year 2020 in order to take advantage of developing trends in the entertainment industry, such as 3D projections for mass audiences that don’t require 3D glasses to function. Their approach will use conventional strategies such as motion pictures, but it will also include dynamic attractions, live events, and exhibitions on Along with this groundbreaking entertainment spectacle, the entire event will end with a unique Hands Across the World ceremony in order to show just how much we’re linked together as people.

In order to promote their unique 2020 show, Lovaganza plans to go on the road starting in 2017, and will use this opportunity to show off their proprietary glassless 3D technology. Lovaganza has planned an ambitious trilogy of films that will eventually be shown in what they call Immerscope, which is an entirely new technology that will hearken back to older groundbreaking presentations such as Cinerama. By using a unique and intelligent two-pronged approach to build up their venture and share their creative vision with the world, Lovaganza is definitely something to keep your eyes on in the coming years. With an ambitious goal of bringing the world together and showing just how closely linked we are as a people, Lovaganza transcends their status as an entertainment venture and becomes something more approaching a cultural phenomenon.

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New, Lighter Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

As far as beautiful hair goes, women have always had to play with the hand that’s dealt to them. That seemed to be the case, however, until a new line of products came out developed by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a stylist who noticed how many women in his salon were having trouble finding the right kind of hair care products to make their hair manageable. A recent story in tells the tale of one young woman who used the hair products by Chaz Dean and found herself very happy with the results.

The young woman who tried Wen by Chaz [] had had years of trouble dealing with her flat, oily and unmanageable hair. She decided to try Sweet Almond Mint shampoo and conditioner from Wen and within days she was seeing results. Her hair felt lighter and silkier, and it was easier to give it some style. By the end of one week using the product daily, she was convinced that this was the product she’d long been searching for. Friends were complimenting her and heads were turning.

So, why settle for flat and oily hair when beautiful hair is so within reach? Wen by Chaz is available on in a wide variety of scents, so there’s something for every type of hair. Give it a try. Beautiful hair is always worth the trouble. Visit their YouTube channel for more info.


Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, And The Creation Of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg was a child prodigy when it comes to business. At age 13, while other young teens were busy playing video games, Goldenberg took the money from his Bar Mitzvah and started his first company. It was a bulletin board service hosted on the internet. In 1996, two years later, Goldenberg transformed the website and made it into a place for people to get together and play games. It was called Gamer’s Alliance. By the next year, Gamer’s Alliance was a huge success and Brett Brewer, the president and founder of Intermix, bought the site from then 17 year old Adam Goldenberg.

Impressed with the young Goldenberg’s business savvy, Intermix offered him a job. Two years later Adam Goldenberg made history when at age 19 he was promoted to COO of Intermix. He became the youngest person to be the COO of a publicly owned company. For many people that would have been the end of the story. But for Adam Goldenberg, it was just the beginning. Almost 12 months later, Intermix purchased a start-up focused on health and fitness called Don Ressler, founder of, and Adam Goldenberg worked well together at Intermix. Eventually Goldenberg and Ressler teamed up create Alena Media, a performance advertising and e-commerce company. It generated millions of dollars and soon parent company Intermix along with Alena Media were purchased by News Corp.

When Intermix and Alena Media were sold in 2005, Adam Goldenberg was only 25 years old. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to start a new business together. They ended up starting several of them. The first was the brand building company Brand Ideas. They also started Intelligent Beauty, an online cosmetics and skincare marketplace, and SENSA, a weight-loss system. The companies were very profitable. In 2010, Goldberg and Ressler another company. It was called JustFab and was an online subscription clothing retailer.

The next year, JustFab co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Ressler brought Kimora Lee Simmons on board as Creative Director and President. Three months later, JustFab had 4 million members. By April 2012, JustFab had 6 million members. JustFab purchased FabKids, a fashion subscription service for kids in January, 2013. In May the company acquired The Fab Shoes, an e-commerce site which marketed European fashions. JustFab then bought ShoeDazzle, a shoe subscription service. Then in October, Goldenberg and Ressler collaborated with Kate Hudson to launch the fashion and athletic wear website Fabletics at

Dick DeVos Among People That Are Pushing the Fundraiser Past its Goals

When running a fundraiser, it is an exhilarating feeling when the goal for funding is reached. However, when it gets past that goal, that can bring about even more hope. The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is one of the fundraisers that have reached and passed its goals. This is thanks for some very big givers in the fundraiser. A lot of entrepreneurs, business owners, and otherwise wealthy people can be really generous when it comes to giving. The only thing is that the cause has to be deemed worthy of such an amount given. If it is, then it will receive tons of funding from donors.

Among the people that have given so generously is Dick DeVos, a philanthropist and entrepreneur who has a history of owning franchises and working in higher level positions in different companies. Among the companies that he has worked in high level positions at is Amway Corporations. The company that was started by his father which provided people with household and hygiene products. Dick DeVos has eventually worked for the company as Vice President. He would move on to become one of the owners of the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise. Afterwards, he would get involved in political activities.

Dick DeVos is known for his charity which he uses to fund education projects among other things. With his nonprofit charity foundation, he is interested in providing funds to faith based organizations. He runs the nonprofit charity organization with his wife Betsy DeVos. His wife Betsy is a graduate of Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. Dick and Betsy take their faith very seriously and make it an important part of their lives, marriage and every important decision that they make. Among the principles that they have learned is generosity, and it shows in the efforts that they make in donating to different charitable causes.

Amethyst The Minature Dachshund Eats Beneful Incredibites And Beneful Dog Treats

My Minature Dachshund named Amethyst can only eat Beneful dog food due to the fact that she is so small and it is extremely hard to find any other dog food out there that is made in small pieces that she can digest. Beneful dog food is truly one of the best dog food brands out there because not only do they have dog food for small dogs like Amethyst but they also offer dog food for big dogs, active dogs, and even overweight dogs. The type of Beneful dog food that I buy on Amazon for Amethyst is called Beneful incredibites. Beneful incredibites dog food is the best dog food option out there for Amethyst and the best part about it is that it comes in different flavors so Amethyst won’t get sick of eating the same flavor of dog food each day. Amethyst currently eats Beneful incredibites in the dry dog food version which comes in both a beef flavor and a chicken flavor. Beneful incredibites also comes in a wet dog food version but Amethyst prefers dry dog food. Beneful also has a great assortment of different types of dog treats. They have treats [] in all different flavors for Amethyst to enjoy but they also have dog treats that are made to help keep Amethyst’s teeth clean and healthy. The three types of dog treats that I buy on Walmart for Amethyst are Beneful baked delights hugs, baked delights stars, and dental ridges. Beneful dental ridges are the dog treat that they offer that keeps Amethyst’s teeth healthy and pearly white. Baked delights hugs treats are not like every other treat out there due to the fact that they are packed with flavor in every bite. Baked delights hugs dog treats are beef and cheese flavored. Baked delights stars are not just dog treats that are chicken and cheese flavored but they are also shaped like stars. Many dog treats are boring looking and not even close to being packed with flavor but this isn’t the case with Beneful dog treats. I am so glad that Beneful makes dog food that Amethyst can eat.




Skout Takes on The World Of Social Media

This is the age of social media. People often log into their accounts to post pictures, updates, and little texts so that fans could keep up with what they are doing. People also use social media in order to promote their businesses and products. One thing that some people notice about social media is that it is not that social. However, there are social media platforms like Skout that encourage people with each other in person. One of the major influences behind the social media platform of Skout is Portia Kersten, who is the CFO of Skout.

Portia Kersten is one of the shining examples of women who have made it really far in their careers. Given her success in the industry, one would be amazed to know that she has grown up poor. She also did not have TV. She instead read books. As a result, she was able to develop her imagination and creativity. She has made good use of her creativity in order to help the social media network of Skout have its current model. Portia Kersten has faced her challenges when it comes to working in a company. She has displayed the value of confidence in a business world. She is an inspiration to many people.

Skout is one social media platform that actually brings people together. Many members of Skout have a very positive experience that brings them back. The platform can be accessed online. Skout also has apps that could be downloaded for iPhone and Android smartphones. People can also access it from their tablets. Skout not only inspires people to connect on levels beyond the online community, but they also inspire to carry out positive acts in their community. Communities often gather together to help out with emergencies. For instance, members in the Philippines have gathered together to help out with a local member that is having medical problems.

As more people are learning about Skout, they are signing up for the community so that they can take part in the online connection that is lacking in other social media platforms. Skout can be used for chatting online, but it is also often used for meeting up in person.

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Mobile Social Networking App Skout Acquires Nightlife App Nixter

The Success of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten has a great career in the investment banking industry. Over the years, he developed a reputation for adding value to clients in every situation. He has a great ability to teach complex issues to people with little background knowledge in an area. This is a great advantage for anyone looking for investment advice. Martin Lustgarten has a great track record of adding value to every company he has worked for.


In the beginning of his career, Martin Lustgarten worked for a variety of companies. He developed a great network that still helps him to this day. He also started to develop a strong client base that would only grow over the years. He had to work a lot of hours in the investment banking industry. A lot of people get frustrated from the hard work. However, he has the personality to deal with all of the stress that comes along with the job. Anyone who wants to understand what it takes to succeed in this industry should look at his work ethic.


Developing an investment plan for clients is hard work. There are dozens of variables to consider in this calculation. Few people want to take on a lot of risk with their investments. Martin Lustgarten is successful because he is able to explain the complexities of investing in a way clients understand. This has served him well during his career. Over the next few years, many people expect that his success will only grow in the industry.

More places to connect with Martin Lustgarten:

Instagram: @mlustgarten

Can Venezuela Ever Draw In Foreign Investment Again?

The local news courtesy of Atodomomento is filled with salacious reports about the impending collapse of Venezuela’s economy. The one and only silver lining to this catastrophe is the country would be able to rebuild in a manner that avoids many of the mistakes done previously.
The rebuilding process, however, is hardly going to occur in an expedient amount of time. A lot of money has to come into the country in order to reverse the effects of the long-lasting horrific economic depression.

In order for the economy to rebuild itself, foreign investment is crucial. A serious question is going to be asked among many corporations throughout the world. Is it safe to invest in Venezuela asks expert Danilo Diaz Granados? Considering the disaster that has befallen the country, many investors are probably going to be more confident taking their money elsewhere.

Currently, Coca-Cola has had to shut down a large part of its operations in Venezuela. Revenues immediately slowed due to a sugar shortage. Coca-Cola can still sell Diet Coke, but no company wants to deal with such outrageous, money-losing volatility. Trying to get foreign dollars into Venezuela is going to take a long time. The country needs hard currency and investment capital now.

Regardless, foreign companies and governments have to think of their own well-being. It is no one’s primary concern to bring money into Venezuela solely to give the country’s economy a slight boost.

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