Dallas Bank Nexbank Raises Funding

A Financial services company based in Dallas, NexBank has successfully placed fixed to variable rate notes worth a total of $54 million to investors. NexBank Capital Inc intends to use the funds for general business operations, and since 2016 has raised $283 million of equity.


The five-year non-callable notes are set to mature on September 30, 2027, while bearing a fixed interest rate of 6.375% and after the five year period will have a floating rate based on a three month 458 point LIBOR. The notes have been graded BBB- by the rating agency Kroll Bond and qualify as tier two capital. The only placement agent for the offering which ended on September 9, 2017, was Sandler O’Neill & Partners L.P.


NexBank Capital, Inc is a commercial and mortgage banking company with $8.4 billion in assets as of December 2017 which serves corporations, individuals, and Institutions across the nation. NexBank offers Real estate advisory, Treasury Management, investment banking, mortgages, checking accounts, High yield money market accounts, savings accounts, commercial loans, certificates of deposit, merger and acquisition advisory, recapitalization and restructuring, and operations advisory.


The executive team includes John Holt, president, and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Siekielski, Chief Operating Officer, Dierk Hohman, General Counsel, Craig Campbell, Senior Managing Director, Stacy Hodges, Chief Financial Officer, and Rhett Miller, Chief Credit Officer. NexBank is led by the chairman James Dondero who co-founded and is the president of Highland Capital Management LP. CEO John Holt is an accomplished executive with significant experience across a huge range of commercial, corporate and funding banking activities. steady record of advanced revenue generation as a high impact player centered on leading executive management teams. incredibly adaptable with proven success under unique market conditions, specific organizational structures and throughout various customer profiles and industries. Adept at developing and executing advertising and marketing, economic and strategic business plans.

NexBank was founded in 1922 and currently has 88 employees and is a member of the FDIC

Ryan Seacrest Proves You Can Assume Dual Career Roles

Ryan Seacrest is a popular dual television show host that has been able to handle multiple television roles under the direction of the late great, Dick Clark. As his mentor, Clark was able to show him the importance of making television look easy. He has been able to follow in his footsteps and look great doing it. Seacrest says; in between television he likes to exercise. He has also maintained time for his longterm relationship with his girlfriend and adequate wine tasting. Rysn Seacrest says; he absolutely adores his position in television. He has been nominated for several daytime movie awards for his excellence in television.

One of his best roles has been to work beside daytime television show host, Kelly Ripa. He works hard to make her smile each day on the set of their television show Live With Kelly And Ryan. He says; they’re actually friends off the set. Together, they have been able to improve their ratings. Plus, they made the Guiness Book of World Records for having the most people to do the floss dance at one time in a studio audience. He has been a distinguished replacement for the former host Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan.

His men’s suit collection is a product of his creativity. His suit has a casual gem just for men. You can find his collection at local men’s department stores and online. In fact, his suits are designed for the casual working male. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy a good look to go to work in everyday. Other celebrities have also loved wearing his men’s jacket. You can catch Seacrest co-producing for the E! reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians starring Kim Kardashian West. Plus, he is executive producer and co-host of the long standing show American Idol. The show introduces talent to the music industry by choosing a top contestant at the end of the show.

He also mentors to teens through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He provides food, shelter, and an opportunity for education. Learn more about Ryan Seacrest from his professional Wikipedia today.

The OSI Group Provides Food Solutions; Right?

What is a “food solution?” Well, a “solution” doesn’t even exist until a problem being addressed is – solved, right? Therefore, the OSI Group is addressing a problem related to food, correct? It is a gargantuan issue to face, yet the OSI Group has forged headlong into this globally important aspect of everyone’s life. Food is a pretty important element in the equation of life here on Earth, and although the OSI Group has become quite expert in the food industry over the last century, they have also made the ordinary, extraordinaire’.

Every life-form, from the original amoeba to us, must eat. But must our food be plain and/or blase’? Of course not. The OSI Group has a team of over 20,000 members who are dedicated to pleasing our palate’s. Processing such delectable dishes is no easy task, especially on a global scale. However, after well over 100 years of innovation and hard work, the OSI Group has reached the pinnacle of their profession of providing properly, professionally and particularly prepared palatable and pleasing plates, platters and parfait’s, all made to order and ready to eat. Plus much more.

From the humble beginnings of a modest butcher shop in the busy streets of early 1900s Chicago, to the global expanse of one of the top food processing companies ever to exist, OSI has led the way in food production, and set new standards of excellence for all to follow. With several prestigious awards to boast, such as the British safety council Globe of Honour award, OSI keeps forging ahead with new innovations and new partners. Acquisitions of, and mergers with other great companies around the world have given OSI an edge in this highly competitive market.

Deliciousness is the future. Nutrition is priority one, and quality goes hand in hand with it. Many of the fine products that are offered are custom designed by nutritional experts, and there is virtually nothing that cannot be created from scratch to suit the needs of a worldwide clientele. The culinary arts have combined with technological advancements to produce that which we all need; dang good food.

Learn More: www.osieurope.com/en.html

Oren Frank Hires Neil Leibowitz in Talkspace Company

Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace, a start-up company that renders therapy through video chat, has decided to hire Neil Leibowitz as a plan to getting more serious on its services. Currently, the company offers weekly services at $79 for an interview with a therapist online or messaging a mental health professional at $49. It has more than 1 million users in the last five years.

Neil Leibowitz previously worked at the UnitedHealth as a senior medical director. He comes in as Talkspace starts its enterprise business plus the advanced potential IPO. This employment was done this month. The company will now offer medical prescription with the help of this highly experienced physician. The independent psychiatrists will be allowed to prescribe using video tools owing to the federal regulations in the state. The company is focused on making the services affordable. It is the projections of Oren Frank the CEO.

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Talkspace the company that offers therapeutically prescription through video recently tweeted about mental illness. Through its CEO Oram Frank, the company talks about this problem that is a menace to most Americans especially as they advance in age. There are also prescriptions that are viral online about this problem, but the outcome has proved futile. Their many recommendations are time to waste and taunting. Follow their prescriptions and see the research proven results.

According to stats, anybody that is active for over 30 minutes daily can easily ward off depression. Just choose the best practice you love doing like running, dancing or even weightlifting. Make it a regular method for useful results. They suggest that you add medication to this exercise instead of substituting medication. The activities regulate adrenaline. Research and analysis show that exercise together with reduced anxiety is efficient in reduction of mental illness. Therefore, use is critical in the reduction of psychological stress.

Visit: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-the-therapist-will-whatsapp-you-now-1.5466160


How Businessman Matthew Fleeger Found Success In Three Industries

Matthew Fleeger is a business professional who lives and works in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business. He earned a degree in finance and marketing from this educational institution in 1986. Once he graduated he entered the oil and gas industry where he put his education to work. He worked at a number of Texas firms including Gulf Coast Western, a business started by his father.

In 1993, Matthew Fleeger started his own firm. This was MedSolutions, Inc. which was in the healthcare field. His company would collect, transport, dispose, and treat medical waste. He had contracts with a number of healthcare facilities. This company became one of the largest in that part of the country while he led it as its president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of directors. In 2007 he sold this company to a publically traded firm, Stericycle Inc, for about $59 million. He had proven to the world that he had the skills and experience required to successfully manage a large company.

After he sold MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger went back into the oil and gas business. He took over Gulf Coast Western becoming its new president and CEO. His company explores and drills for oil and natural gas in the Gulf Coast region. His vast experience involving mergers, general partnerships, corporate restructuring, and acquisitions make him the perfect fit for leading this company into the future.

He is also highly involved in the tanning industry. Matthew Fleeger founded Palm Beach Tan. This company started out with six stores in the Dallas area and today is one of the biggest companies of its kind in the United States. He also co-founded Mystic Tan which is a giant spray-on tanning booth franchise. These two companies combine for annual revenues of roughly $100 million.

Find out more about Matthew Fleeger: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gulf-coast-western

Shervin Pishevar bombshell tweets

In February, the Dow was making huge moves that erased the gains made at the beginning of the year. At the same time, prominent angel investor Shervin Pishevar wrote a series of tweets on the financial status of the US economy among other issues. Shervin had a lot to say about especially on matters touching on the future of the US economy. Pishevar is an accomplished investor as the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One, Uber, Airbnb among others. His comments deserve respect since he is one of the best investors in Silicon Valley. He is the former managing director of Sherpa Capital, a position he held since December last year.

The tweets by Shervin came at a time when there were talks about inflation, interest rate hikes, credit account deficits and such things which are indicators of a failing economy. The economy would also suffer from the actions of the government to lower corporate tax. After looking at these issues, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the economy would lose. He predicted that the stock market would lose by 6,000 points. A few days after his prediction, the market had lost by 1,000 points.

Not everything in his tweet-storm was about the economy. He talked a lot about globalism as well. In his prediction, Silicon Valley was no longer the best place for innovations. In fact, it is no longer about the physical location anymore. According to Shervin Pishevar, everything has changed into an idea. Other countries have picked the idea of the Silicon Valley and are implementing the plans in their own countries. This shift means that innovators will no longer come into the United States when they can innovate in their countries.

By the time Shervin Pishevar was done with the tweets storm, he had sent out 50 messages discussing other issues such as cryptocurrencies and US monopolies.


Richard Liu Explains JD.com Beginnings

During an interview with Richard Liu at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, Richard Liu gave insight into the development of his success with JD.com, how he views his success, and future outlooks. Richard gave a story of how he began JD.com in 1998. He revealed, with embarrassment, that he created the name of JD.com based on his first name and his wife’s last name since she was his first love. Today, JD.com is one of China’s largest e-commerce company which encompasses approximately 167,000 employees and worth around $57.6 billion USD.

Richard Liu shared how he was involved in business since he was young. His parents owned a small business where they would wait at a canal and transport people. Then in college, he opened his own restaurant, but it failed because of his time commitment as a third-year student. After Richard Liu graduated, he opened a dozen stores selling computer accessories in order to pay for his grandmother’s medical care who was facing health problems. However, Richard Liu was forced to close his stores down because of the SARS epidemic that broke out in southern China. It became too risky to meet a lot of customers in person. Richard did not want his managers to get affected, but they also needed a way to survive. Therefore, they all gathered together to brainstorm and came to the conclusion that they should sell their products online. After carrying out their idea for two years, they found that doing business online was more cost efficient and gave the customer a better experience. This led Richard to believe that e-commerce was going to be the trend for the future.

Richard believes that what made his company successful in 2004 was that he deviated from selling counterfeited products and set up a proper voicemail system which other businesses were not doing. JD.com also provides customers with the benefit of having their product delivered to them within an average of 6 hours in China.

Richard Liu is now seeking to place JD.com as number one in market value among internet companies related to online business in China.

Chris Burch is a flexible entrepreneur


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Chris Burch is the CEO Burch Creative Capital which is based in America. Burch is committed to ensuring that his extensive range business runs effectively. Chris Burch has won many awards for his creativity and innovation. The CEO also relates well to other entrepreneurs and has partnered with them to pursue many projects. He is also supportive of upcoming entrepreneurs and gives them a lot of advice and information when they require it. Chris Burch has ventured in the fashion industry, hospitality, and other consumer products. He is very flexible, and he can move from one sector to another without much hassle. He has been able to create employment for many people in America, see (Inc.com). He has also given back to the school where he schooled. He is passionate about giving back to the society for instance in Indonesia where he owns the Luxurious Nihi Sumba hotel. He has a foundation which is set up to help the less fortunate in the society. He believes in helping people to meet their basic needs.

He is particularly passionate about feeding the poor children in the local community. He has organized a feeding programme whereby he donates funds and foods to cater for the needy children in the area. He believes in helping other people every day and at least put a smile in their faces. He also gives them hope for a better future. He encourages the local community of the Sumba people to embrace education as it is the best way to eradicate poverty. He also ensures that there are fun activities for the children of the local community, know more details on medium.com.

Ted Bauman Points To Factors In Play That Could Hurt Stock Prices

Ted Bauman has been advising individuals to start adopting defensive investing strategies. He is of the opinion that the bull market in US stocks has about run its course. He admits that there is still a little more room potentially for equities to rise, but he feels a stock market crash is just as likely to happen. Ted Bauman is an economist who spent much of his life living abroad in South Africa. He currently writes three newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He has advised his subscribers to be cautious regarding US equities because he feels there are several potential catalysts that will kill the US bull market.

Ted Bauman feels that rising interest rates could prick the stock market bubble and end the bull market. The federal reserve has been rather aggressive in raising interest rates. Mr. Bauman points out that the US economy may not be able to handle a fed funds rate of four percent because of all the debt in the system. At the current pace of the fed rate hikes under Chairman Jerome Powell, the fed funds rate would hit four percent by 2020. Other analysts feel that the US economy will not be able to handle rates as low a three percent.

Ted Bauman feels the bull market in US stocks could also end simply because the US stock market is too overvalued. After using the CAPE ratio to value the US equities market, the ratio gave a reading of 32, which is almost twice as high as the historical average. Mr. Bauman feels that it is only a matter of time before stocks return to their fair value. He feels that stock prices will start to fall rapidly when more investors come to the same conclusion regarding the overvalued stock market.

The trade war is the potential catalyst that worry’s Ted Bauman the most. He points out that China has done very little to retaliate against the measures the Trump administration has already taken. The Chinese government could easily hurt US multinational corporations that rely on doing business in China. This could result in many billions in lost revenue, eventually reflecting in the share prices of these companies.

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Real Estate Can Be A Sustainable Investment If You Stay In For The Long Term Like Nick Vertucci

Investing and saving for retirement always has multiple strategies by which to get there. Every expert will tell you to diversify your assets when you invest, but everyone has disagreements on which kind of investment can turn into real profits. For Nick Vertucci, he found that investment to be real estate as he learned what he could do with residential properties to turn them into valuable assets. While yes, it can be tricky to know where to invest and how to tell when the market will favor leasing or selling property, Vertucci figured out ways to be able to read the market and make it work for him. He even has a book out titled “Seven Figure Decisions” about his story of getting into real estate and how he learned tricks to running it.

Nick Vertucci never went to college because the family he grew up in couldn’t afford it. In fact, there was very little they could afford as he explains in the book, and even as he reached early adulthood, he experienced periods of homelessness. Where he did find his first taste of success was when he started a computer parts business that generated living income, and he got married and began raising children. But Nick Vertucci would once again experience hardship when the 2000 dot-com recession caused his business to close, and he basically went broke.

Though he did have struggles with depression during this time, Nick Vertucci managed to keep going, and it was a weekend workshop he happened to attend that first put him on to the idea of going into real estate. It was a difficult time to finance and later turn old buildings into dividend-paying rental units, but he was able to start doing so as he found advice and support to do it. He finally brought in enough income that he became a millionaire and turned his life into debt-free living. What you’ll find at the NV Real Estate Academy could also turn your life free of debt, though real estate isn’t for everyone.

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