Waiakea Water: Producing High-Quality Bottled Water

The island of Hawaii has many active volcanoes, including Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. These volcanoes in the small Pacific island chain have been active for decades. The volcanoes are ejecting lava which is rich in minerals, and some of these are heading straight to the island’s springs, mixing with water. The mineral-infused water from Hawaii’s springs are known for its health benefits, and people are drinking it with the belief that it would make them more active and healthy. The miraculous water from Hawaii’s volcanic island caught the attention of a private firm, and they collected the water from the island and sold it under the brand name Waiakea Water. The company claims that the water they sell is one of the purest and cleanest bottled water on the planet, and it has a lot of health benefits to those who would be drinking it. Waiakea Water is now being sold across the United States, and many people who have tasted it said that the water feels refreshing and their energy levels went back after taking a sip.

Waiakea Water is also proud to say that their products are using an eco-friendly bottle that would never pollute the environment. It is one of the few bottled water companies in the market offering such features, and they said that through protecting the environment, they are giving the island of Hawaii a favor. The company is also urging the people who are buying their products to recycle, and not to throw their trash anywhere, to minimize the damages on the planet. Waiakea Water is an example of a responsible company who influences its customers to stick to being eco-friendly. Through their efforts, the number of plastic trash can be minimized, and people could start thinking about protecting their environment.

Aside from their campaign against littering, Waiakea Water is also a partner of several organizations operating in Africa. Every portion of their sales from the bottled water comes straight to the funds of their NGO partners, which are providing free water to impoverished African states. This year, Waiakea Water’s primary goal is to provide clean water for the people of Malawi, a landlocked African country without access to clean water.


Tempus Lab and Eric Lefkofsky

A company called Tempus Labs is helping physicians to securely obtain their current patients medical history from the point of where the person is being cared for. Recently a 110 million dollar fund raising event was held by Tempus Labs. The money went toward the advancement of the collection and study of the molecular and also clinical data of patients. They have developed a new app which allows doctors access to secure information about their patients.

The Tempus Lab app invention is now easily accessed on Google play or the App Store. It has been tested already with participating doctors across the nation. Physicians who wish to use this app can order it through Tempus Labs. The app can help with looking into different options for different forms of therapy for their patients. They could help the doctor search for clinical trials that their patient could use and qualify for. Tempus Lab would like to be able to achieve a highly accessible platform available to every doctor anywhere they are.

The 110 million dollar fund raising money that would help Tempus Lab also went into growing the operations that it already had and also to go into the study of cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders. The founder of Tempus Lab is Eric Lefkofsky. Currently he is the CEO of the company. The company is making a collection of clinical and molecular data of patients. A computer operating system is being assembled to make the medical data more available to doctors.

The Chicago based business made viewable to the general public a computer operating system called Tempus O. This system was created to cleanse, design and structure clinical data. This allows for more accuracy in medical conclusions. Eric Lefkofsky is associated with Lightbank as a founding partner. In 2006 he created the Lefkofsky Family Floundation. it is a charitable, private foundation. He works with his wife Liz on this. He is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is a professor at the University of Chicago. He is a graduate from the University of Michigan and achieved a Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law school.

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Jacob Gottlieb and Weisbrod Look Forward To The Future of Altium

Many people would have felt discouraged to get back into a healthcare hedge fund after the experiences that Jake Gottlieb went through, but with his decades of experience, he knows that it’s his calling. He may still be busy closing up Visium, but he has already made a lot of headway with Altium. Altium is bringing together some familiar faces in healthcare investing such as Stuart Weisbrod, who worked with Jacob Gottlieb at Merlin BioMed Group. The 2 are seen as titans of the industry by many people and investors want to see what their new company will have to offer.

So far, things are already looking like Jacob Gottlieb’s new hedge fund has potential with a new way to take insulin by Oramed. Trying to create a way to make taking insulin by mouth viable has been attempted for years, but nobody has had much luck with it until Oramed. If their new capsule is approved, it may have the potential to help patients taking protein-based therapies for many different illnesses.

Since Visium made the decision to close down after a few employees were caught making insider trading deals, Jacob Gottlieb had been trying to figure out what his next move would be in his career. While he was understandably disheartened over the fate of his business that he had worked so hard to build, he knew that he couldn’t just give up on the investment world. Jake Gottlieb was found to have had no involvement with the incidents, but he went ahead and agreed to pay approximately $10 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jacob Gottlieb volunteered to main his position of chief executive officer in order to finalize the business’ closing as well as returning any funds that were due to their investors.

Despite Jake Gottlieb and Weisbrod having pursued their own career paths for 20 years, the pair are excited about working together again in the same office. Merlin was co-founded by Weisbrod and other financial experts in 2998. The investment management company focused primarily on healthcare and had portfolios that included medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Dick And Betsy DeVos: Champions For The Interests Of Michiganders

Aviation in America is not a new industry, but it has fallen on hard times in the past two decades. With digital technology changing regulations for security and commerce in aviation, the Federal Aviation Administration has been trying to make significant changes to airports and airline business. This includes new regulations and policies that don’t seem to get a lot of press, but they are very important to the stabilization of the market in America.


It’s no wonder that the FAA appointed Dick Devos to the Management Advisory Council last year. The council consists of 13 members from all different backgrounds, but Devos is the one with the most business acumen. He has been the CEO and President of Amway for many years, and most recently, he founded his own company The Windquest Group, which helps companies like Boxed Water make sound financial decisions.


Now that Devos is in the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council, he will be working alongside a number of transportation authorities and former airline executives to help the FAA with new policies and regulations. His work with airports is actually surprising considering that he also was the CEO and President of Amway at the time he began his partnership with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Most people don’t realize that this airport was just an air strip in the early 1900s. It has certainly changed over the years and become an incredible airport thanks to help from many airlines and Dick Devos. Starting in 1999, Devos worked with the CEO to come up with new plans for growth. Part of that was one phone call that Devos made to the AirTran Airways CEO, asking him to open up new flights at the airport. While it was a small airport, Devos had plans to turn it into a larger metropolitan airport by 2020.


Devos’ plan worked, and AirTran opened up four new flights. These were to popular destinations like Orlando and Vegas, as well as Denver and St. Louis. Ticket sales went through the roof and finally the airport was making some definitive changes. Devos stepped in again when Southwest took over AirTran Airways and started closing terminals in other airport locations. He called the CEO and talked to him about the future of the airline at the small airport, and how big he wanted the airport to grow. With that kind of support, the CEO of Southwest couldn’t say no. The new flights remained intact and new flights were added, furthering the expansion.


Finally, the airport received $45 million from airline partners to build up different areas of the airport, as well as a new business traveler’s center and food court area. This was the vision that Devos had seen all along.


As a pilot himself, he was very fond of the airport in his hometown. The Gerald R. Ford International AIrport had a lot of value as the place where he learned to fly and now kept many of his own private aircraft. In addition, it was the location of Devos’ pilot training school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Co-founded by Betsy Devos and Dick Devos, the training facility was for students who wanted to become pilots. It was one of the only schools helping students become pilots and making the profession into an exciting challenge.


That’s another area where Devos can help the FAA. He will be meeting with the council once every quarter to discuss new policies, future growth, and budgets.


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The Premier Role of Wes Edens in Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens has for a more extended period remained to be one of the most reliable leaders in the financial industry. A significant number of individuals might not know what the experienced financial analyst has done but for individuals working in the wealth management sector. It is difficult to ignore the role the financial guru seems to play as days pass. Any person who has prior information on the operations of the Fortress Investment Group clearly understands his contributions and how he has helped the company to steer itself in a direction that other companies cannot achieve.

Fortress Group has proved to be a leader in customer service for a more extended period in the market. It is common knowledge that asset management companies, before the emergence of Fortress, had been offering low-quality services to their customers. This might have been facilitated by the fact that not many customers understood that a company owed them high levels of customer service. In fact, a large number of customers had a perspective that an organization is supreme and that customers had a role to play in the development of the company.

However, Wes Edens demonstrated that what a significant number of individuals believed is all wrong. The company owes its customers quality services and that the company should support its customers rather than the customers supporting the company. To achieve this goal, Wes Edens developed a strategy that helped the entity to view customers as critical stakeholders of the organization. One of the key strategies involved providing high-quality services to any customer who inquired about investment in various properties in the industry.

Wes Edens wanted all the customers seeking services from an alternative asset investment company to get the services they needed. Fortress Investment Group focused on ensuring that the customers got customized services that were different from the services offered by other organizations in the industry. This means that any person who wanted to invest could be given sufficient information and knowledge on how to invest and how to invest both in the short term and long term. The knowledge imparted to the customers made them go further and choose the company as a premier investment partner.

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Gareth Henry success in the financial sector

Gareth Henry is the worldwide top manager of investor relations for different US-based investments. Through his role, he is able to utilize the acquired knowledge and expertise in his previous work to improve the current firm. He is the managing director of Fortress Investment Group. He pursued a degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh. In addition, he excelled his education to engage in the field of hedge funds and private equity.

His ideas came from the combination of economics and mathematics. After understanding the concept of economics and risk management, all the plans fell into place. In his perspective, one has to believe in his idea, then after formation, you can implement it in any part of the world. In order to stay and be productive, one has to be active in every aspect since it results in chances. Another element he urges people to consider is to ask feedback as it helps one to comprehend the dynamics operating around.

After completing his studies, Gareth Henry entered the worldwide investment company, Schroders. He managed to work for several years and even held a top management position. Later, he moved to the US where he got an opportunity to work with Fortress Investment Group in 2007. Some of the duties he is responsible for include monitoring the wealth and pensions of the firms and also ensure good insurance relations with other nations. The company has a duty of contributing capital between it and other organizations globally.

Gareth Henry has been at the forefront of managing and controlling the sales of the firm. He uses his expertise to improve the properties of the company. Through his effort and making a strong bond, he has been able to form, paramount connections to independent wealth funds and pension funds. Having a proper service with the client is vital to the worldwide real estate investment manager.

They entrust that the clients are well catered when specialized investment management is aided and improved through sufficient services. Gareth Henry enjoys the unique trend through which clients are dealing together and using an asset investment in private equity.


Ara Chackerian’s Background and Career Journey

Ara Chackerian and his family have dedicated a huge part of their lives towards helping the society. The family has established a number of charitable organizations over the years as well as supported a number of other charitable organizations and foundations. One of such organizations is the Hatlen Center for the blind where Ara Chackerian serves as a board member and his family as financiers. Ara Chackerian is specifically invested in supporting the courses of youth education and development. He is currently making great strides to reach out to more regions beyond the United States like Nicaragua and Armenia where he has already marked footprints. Other than being a passionate humanitarian, Ara Chackerian is also respected for being a savvy serial angel investor and a shrewd entrepreneur with affiliations to a number of organizations. You can visit arachackerian.com





Ara Chackerian as an entrepreneur and an angel investor




With a marketing degree from the University of the State of Florida where he graduated in the year 2001, Ara Chackerian has made quite the name for himself as a business mogul. He is the founder of some of the leading companies in the United States like BMC Diagnostics, a company that provided diagnostic imaging services between the years 2001 when he founded it and 2007 when he resigned as its Chief Executive Officer and sold the company. Ara also founded PipelineRX which grew to become one of the leading Tele Pharmacy service providers in the United States under his leadership. In the year 2015, Ara partnered with yet another angel investor and founded TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions provides integrated behavioral health services and is located in the California region. Ara Chackerian serves the company as a member of the Board. Check out arachackerian.com





Other companies that Ara Chackerian is affiliated with include Mint Medical Education, Pipeline Healthcare Firm, ASC Capital Holdings Company, and Juma Ventures. To all these companies, Ara Chackerian is a board member. He also volunteers as the Emeritus Chairperson of Juma Ventures beginning the year 2011. Ara Chackerian is also a former Vice President at World Medical as well as a global distributor of medical products.


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Dr. Sam Jejurikar Has Had a Great Influence on Modern Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is someone who has been been widely recognized for his accomplishments as a successful plastic surgeon. One accolade that he received was the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor award, which only a handful of skilled and dedicated physicians received in 2012. This honor is only for the doctors with the best bedside attitude, and it is a very competitive award. When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar is very well-respected in the medical community, and he even received recognition from the Registry of Business Excellence, which the American Registry recently added him to.

Despite all of the amazing things that he has been able to do in his professional medical career, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has said that he is actually most proud of his role as a father. He has three children, and raising them well is something that he takes great pride in. It is quite common for successful people to struggle with finding the proper balance between work and family, and physicians are certainly no exception to this. However, Jejurikar has always made it a priority to be heavily involved in the lives of his children and be the best possible influence that he can.

Within the world of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one of the professionals whose name is widely known and trusted. He is quite active when it comes to the industry’s current research regarding plastic surgery and new technologies. He noted that being able to help his patients is quite fulfilling. Being able to improve someone’s self image through their physical appearance is something that he considers to be very meaningful work. Mr. Jejurikar is quite hopeful about the industry’s future, and he will continue doing outstanding work as a cosmetic surgeon for years to come.