Fagali Airport: Beautiful Apia

     When you are traveling through the Fagali Airport headed towards the beautiful city of Apia, you will find that it takes no more than five minutes to get there. Apia is the capital of Samoa and has an exotic land many travelers love to come for exploring. The Fagali Airport is exclusively hidden away among the rain-forest that surrounds the island. When you taxi from the Fagali Airport, many tourist destination points are in view such as resorts, hotels, all within 20 minutes of travel by car. Once you arrive at the Fagali Airport, you have a selection of either renting a car, hiring a driver or take the shuttle.

The Apia Fagali Airport currently is served by Polynesian Airlines and allows you to connect to direct flights from U.S. select cities, even Honolulu. Apia is often known to a lot of tourists who want to enjoy the beaches and the Taumeasina Island Resort. These amenities will not break your wallet at all. The temperature all year round is moderately hot staying at a comfortable 85 degrees. Many travelers seek out Apia to relax and seriously enjoy the warm weather. They also can learn about the Samoa culture and taste their great food.

Interview Magazine on Alex Pall

Alex Pall has come a long way from his roots in Westchester, New York. He attended New York University and studied Art History and Music. He stayed in Manhattan after graduation and had odd jobs which included an Art Gallery in Chelsea. He intended to continue to work in the art field but he also did part time work as a Disc Jockey in numerous clubs. It was at one of these clubs that he met Andrew Taggart. They were introduced by a friend of Alex’s, who thought they would work well together in the music industry. His hunch was right when the duo formed the Chainsmokers. They appeared at many of the nightclubs in which Alex had been a DJ. Several recordings were released by them over the years but they did not reach the height of fame they wanted until they released their single, “#Selfie“. This song became such a hit that they now had a following.

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Today, they are still churning out hits and have released over twenty singles. In March, 2017, they announced that they would be releasing their first complete album by April of the same year. When it was released, it instantly topped the charts. A second album followed in April of 2018. They have said that they are planning releasing a third album within the next year. Billboard’s Dance 100 chart named them the top dance musicians for 2018. They are continuing to put out new singles every month as they had planned from the very beginning. The following that they had in New York when they first started has now grown to include all fifty states and overseas. They are as well known in Europe as they are in their native America. Many industry leaders have noticed them and wish to sign them now.


Louis Chênevert’s Successful Regime at United Technologies Corporations

Louis R. Chênevert offered his services to United Technologies Corporations, UTC for quite some time before his retirement. While at the company, he held the position of Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Besides, he also worked in the firm as its Director. The experiences that drove his career to enormous success were from General Motors where he served as the company’s Production General Manager for close to fourteen years. Louis R. Chênevert also worked at Pratt & Whitney for a period of time.


The current positions he has held include Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division, a board member at Cargill Inc. as well as Yale Cancer Center as the President. For his education, Louis Chênevert attended the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) for a prestigious degree in production management. After that, he enrolled at the University of Montreal for his Doctorate studies.

When coming up with UTC, he had access to many ideas through constant teamwork. He had to offer a listening ear to the plights of his customers. He improved the engine systems and technologies of operating aeroplanes. These led to meaningful fuel consumption and noise reduction in the engines. As a result, he managed to satisfy the needs of his customers at minimum prices. While at it, he tried an extra mile to surpass the expectations of his clients. Basically, Louis Chênevert brought more ideas to life through customer reviews.


What kept him going at the company were the technological advancements and the constant positive changes for a promising future. Louis Chênevert coupled his leadership with great optimism and commitment to ensuring that everything is a success. Moreover, he owes his excellence to his first experience while starting his career.


According to Louis Chênevert, creating more awareness about internal politics within the company is the reason behind his successful leadership. He also spends most of his time linking employees with similar goals together to ensure that they grow together. Above all, unwavering focus makes every idea a success. For these reasons, UTC remains to be the most competent jet engines assembling company across the globe.