Eric Lefkofsky is Fighting Cancer with Technology

By the year 2024, more than 18 million people will have cancer. This is 5million people who will be affected as compared to the year 2014. The good news is; things are going to change due to the introduction of Tempus. The main aim of Tempus is focusing on the way cancer is treated. The technology used is current, and every detail is captured for the advantage of most affected cancer patients.

Tempus does not only focus on data. It also goes a mile ahead to focus on the way information about all types of diseases is collected, analyzed and stored. There is a need to have progress notes which have points of interest of patients from the very beginning up to the end. Tempus uses software that can take in natural language and read characters written by a pen. All these advances and technologies are meant to make all-around structured information.

In most cases, human genome sequencing is very expensive. That is why Tempus is also fighting for cheap coats in conducting this process for patients. If that is achieved, the process of treating cancer will do starting from the cellular level. This will prevent much spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

All the above efforts are affected by Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus to accomplish the best outcomes. It is suspected that Eric Lefkofsky is doing this since his wife once had growth, and he felt bad about it. He is out to fight for people who do not have that power and capital to fight for themselves,thus making the society a better place.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of those people were born in 1969. He is a resident of Southfield, Michigan. He is one those who graduated from the University of Michigan with high-class honors. Eric owns the famous Juris Doctor Degree, and he is known to be very successful. Due to his excellent leadership skills, Eric Lefkofsky is known for holding top positions in many organizations in U.S.A. Some of the organizations are institutes like the Art Institute of Chicago and even children’s home.

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Paul Mampilly Is A Remarkable Man Who Cares More For The Average Person Than The Elite Rich

Paul Mampilly has been a part of the financial sector since 1991. He reached a point in life where he became dissatisfied with making money for the rich and looked to his family for contentment. He remains attached to the financial sector with research and analyzing investments. He turned his talents towards the people without a lot of excess cash and helps them build their futures. He decided continuing to increase the bank accounts of the wealthy did not seem fair and he was needed by average people although he continues to invest.

By following the markets and specific companies Paul Mampilly makes a nice income and his trading services allow him to help others in addition to himself. He looks for certain patterns in the market and keeps his investments basic. He has expressed his gratitude for being able to provide help to the people who need it the most. According to, Paul Mampilly realized early in life how important it was to make money. He believed he already possessed all the necessary information but experience taught him he was wrong. He began to doubt his abilities and skill but continued his efforts to understand his industry. He learned and began to use new tricks that soon led to his success.

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Paul Mampilly places a lot of importance on his newsletter and his clients always come first. He takes care with the people he allows around him and really listens to what his readers say. Profits Unlimited allows him to provide targeted help and make the proper adjustments. He believes his clients have played as large a part in his success as his experience and skill. Although he did find satisfaction on Wall Street he has admitted one of his best moments was when he walked away. He feels good when he helps people invest in their retirement or his actions result in improving lives and he did not experience this when making money for the elite. Paul Mampilly intends to remain on the same path in the future. He has found his place in the world, with his family, and his investors. He has achieved success on all levels.

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The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall-The Home of Memories

The end goal of working hard is living a comfortable life with all the comfort in the world. It may not be possible to have the fun we wish for in a weeks’ time or a month’s time. So what do we do? We go for short vacations and have a taste of how we want to live. This is a motivation, as it is a reminder of what we are working towards to achieve.

Did you know that study shows that the people who take breaks from their daily schedule are more successful compared to those who work all year long? Well, now you know. This is because a vacation will relax your mind and ensure you are ready for your task. It also kills the boredom by killing the repetition of doing one thing all day.

The people of Maniara are privileged to have a selfless entrepreneur like Roberto Santiago. Santiago has built a mall for his people that have all the fun facilities that everyone would wish to have. Roberto Santiago Maniara mall is simply a mall for everyone.

It gets hard to get time to spend time together as a family. However, the Maniara mall has views that enjoy watching together. As they enjoy the view, they can be having their delicacies and drinks. They are very many places where they can enjoy and experiment. Many family moments can be created in this mall.

Roberto Santiago Maniara mall has not left the couples who want to rekindle their love behind. Their many places where the couples can enjoy themselves. Many proposals have been made here.

Once in a while, the Santiago staff invite a celebrity to come and entertain the residents. The staff takes their time in evaluating which celebrity is bet suitable to the people. These events are scheduled in advance, and many people can, therefore, attend.

The favorite activity of the Santiago people is the concert center. The Maniara mall has many show rooms that offer this services. The greatest of all is the Domus mall. The Domus mall has a capacity of 8000 people. This may give you the idea that the showroom is too crowded to visit. Well, you’re wrong. The Domus mall is well aerated and well designed. This means that everyone gets to view the screen.

The residents also get to decide what movie they are going to watch in 3D.This avoids the disappointments of paying and dozing off the whole time. The gadgets used in the theatre are of high quality and gives the audience a chance to live in the scene. It is, therefore, a very thrilling experience.

Roberto Santiago is one of the top ranked business persons in Britain. He is remembered for his selflessness. This is because he based his investment on ensuring that his people got what they wanted, right in front of them. Other investors should imitate him.

Beneful: Dog Food Full of Goodness

Beneful is a brand of dog food and treats that is made by Purina. Their products include grain free dog food, dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats. Their recipes are made of wholesome, healthy ingredients and have no added sugar. The word “bene” means “good” in Italian. So the name Beneful actually means “full of goodness.” The makers of Beneful wanted its name to reflect the high quality contents that they use in their product. Beneful proved that it is living up to its name when it was labeled “complete and healthy” by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Chris Burch and His Unique Taste Exploration with Chef Andres Morataya

Chris Burch, the CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital, is someone who searches tasty food options around the globe. In the latest development, he got impressed with the culinary skills of Panama-based chef Andrés Morataya. Burch was in search for a right chef to make his summer parties memorable, and he came to know about chef Morataya’s cooking method – beach-friendly – could be a wonderful choice for the parties. Interestingly, Morataya owns a farm-to-table type restaurant named Panga in Panama that is looking for ways to add unique dining experiences through varied options.

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When he opened the restaurant, he faced some financial constraints to purchase the equipment for grilling. This is where he started concentrating on unique ways of cooking that he terms as “back to basics.” Morataya constructed his own grill both at Burch’s house and his restaurant using driftwood and bricks. In October, he is planning to take this unique concept to Burch’s resort named Nihi Sumba Island located in Indonesia. Morataya further confirms that even if he has options to buy modern equipment, he likes to choose the creative way possible. It is expected that Morataya’s style of cooking would add a unique flavor to the Indonesian resort as well.

Resort Nihi Sumba Island is an example of Burch’s hospitality concepts and entrepreneurial skills. In 2012, he was purchasing a beach hostel in Sumba Island by collaborating with James McBride, an hotelier. They renovated it by spending $30 million and reopened as a five-star resort in 2015. Chris Burch is also involved in a number entrepreneurial ventures in fashion, financial investments, real estate, and more. In 2011, he founded C. Wonder, a décor, accessories, and apparel online retailer, and sold it to Xcel Brands. Burch also founded ED by Ellen Degeneres, a lifestyle brand, by collaborating with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. He also founded Cocoon9, a prefab homes brand with efficient floor plans and sophisticated finishing.

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His Burch Creative Capital is looking for investment options around the globe focusing on new market opportunities, creativity, incubation, imagination and more, to create disruptive brands with a lasting and positive impact on customers’ lives. Read more, head over to

Burch’s entrepreneurial journey started in 1976 when he founded Eagle’s Eye apparel with an investment of $2,000, and it is finally sold for $165 to Swire Group. He helped more than 50 companies to groom during his long investment career spanning over 40 years.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

Burch is also known for many philanthropic contributions and collaborated with The Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone, The China Association of Social Work, and more.  For a timeline activity update, head over to

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Find Out About Your Current State of Health With Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides first class medical screening for the public at a very reasonable cost and with great convenience. Obtaining similar screenings and tests through a doctor and the more formal medical system is much more expensive and is much less convenient by the time you get through the doctor procedures and get referred to a hospital or medical testing facility.

Ultrasound screenings are a major process used by Lifeline Screening. Ultrasound uses sound waves that are projected into the body of an individual which produces an image on a screen portraying the various organs and their workings. Of specific interest the imaging of the blood flow through the various arteries. The Carotid arteries in the neck are vital in that they are the primary source of blood flow to the brain. If there are significant blockages the results can be dire indeed.

Other screenings that ultrasound is useful for are testing for aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, and bone density that shows the risk for osteoporosis.

Just a drop of blood obtained by the finger-stick method provides for a lipid blood panel that shows the cholesterol in the blood of a person. Both HDL and LDL levels are tested which gives medical personnel an idea of how such a condition is to be treated. The glucose levels show how effectively the pancreas is dealing with the sugars in the body and whether or not a person is pre-diabetic or a full-level diabetic. Liver enzymes indicate whether a person has liver disease or not.

A limited electrocardiograph shows if a person has atrial fibrillation or A-Fib. A-Fib is an irregular beating of the heart which can cause blood clots. Bloods clots in the blood are not good as they can get caught as they flow through the body and cause a stroke. A person’s doctor should know quickly if this condition is present. For more info about us: click here.

Other screenings have to do with the different functions of the body such as blood pressure, kidney disease, testosterone levels testing, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, congestive heart failure, vitamin D screening, thyroid screening and others.

All tests and screenings are non-invasive and are made available to the person’s doctor for further evaluation and treatment.

Todd Lubar On Adding the Personal Touch to Investing

Arthur Becker recently sat down with Maryland-based businessman Todd Lubar, and the result was inspiring insight into how Lubar has grown a successful career from an area of real estate that is often overlooked. Though Todd Lubar majored in Speech Communication at Syracuse University, the skills he possesses as a result of his education have undoubtedly helped him create his own business of serving the real estate market.

Lubar has been involved in finance and credit for over two decades, but he states that his real motivation towards entrepreneurship is helping others. This translates to Lubar assisting his clients of finding a proper lending solution that can help each individual overcome financial hurdles and ultimately realize their dreams. Todd Lubar’s belief in others is what he mainly attributes to being profitable in the long run.

In his Patreon page, he reveals in terms of marketing strategy, Lubar is fascinated by the online approach but advises others to be wary of listings sites that are oversaturated with property. He believes in using the internet as a valuable tool for finding a potential new home, but also firmly stands behind a personal relationship with an investor or creditor. These values are reflected in Lubar’s own work with clients and the many success stories thereafter.

An experienced professional in the realm of real estate, Todd Lubar ( entered the industry back in 1995. He originally worked as a loan specialist at Crestor Mortgage Corporation. The time spent learning about conservative mortgage loans gave Lubar the motivation he needed to create his own ventures, especially through the relationships he built and maintains with other agents and firms. In 1999 Todd Lubar partnered with Legacy Financial Group and was able to expand his capabilities as a real estate investor by lending and brokerage.

Todd Lubar is the founder of Legendary Financial LLC. He has performed thousands of transactions with various clients and his combined experience in the real estate field is unrivaled. Lubar is mainly successful due to his keen observations of the associated risk tied to mortgage and his smart investments based on the present shape of the market at large. Advocating for underserved clients, Lubar specializes in helping with mortgages for individuals who cannot use traditional lending. View his full profile on