New, Lighter Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

As far as beautiful hair goes, women have always had to play with the hand that’s dealt to them. That seemed to be the case, however, until a new line of products came out developed by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a stylist who noticed how many women in his salon were having trouble finding the right kind of hair care products to make their hair manageable. A recent story in tells the tale of one young woman who used the hair products by Chaz Dean and found herself very happy with the results.

The young woman who tried Wen by Chaz [] had had years of trouble dealing with her flat, oily and unmanageable hair. She decided to try Sweet Almond Mint shampoo and conditioner from Wen and within days she was seeing results. Her hair felt lighter and silkier, and it was easier to give it some style. By the end of one week using the product daily, she was convinced that this was the product she’d long been searching for. Friends were complimenting her and heads were turning.

So, why settle for flat and oily hair when beautiful hair is so within reach? Wen by Chaz is available on in a wide variety of scents, so there’s something for every type of hair. Give it a try. Beautiful hair is always worth the trouble. Visit their YouTube channel for more info.


Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, And The Creation Of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg was a child prodigy when it comes to business. At age 13, while other young teens were busy playing video games, Goldenberg took the money from his Bar Mitzvah and started his first company. It was a bulletin board service hosted on the internet. In 1996, two years later, Goldenberg transformed the website and made it into a place for people to get together and play games. It was called Gamer’s Alliance. By the next year, Gamer’s Alliance was a huge success and Brett Brewer, the president and founder of Intermix, bought the site from then 17 year old Adam Goldenberg.

Impressed with the young Goldenberg’s business savvy, Intermix offered him a job. Two years later Adam Goldenberg made history when at age 19 he was promoted to COO of Intermix. He became the youngest person to be the COO of a publicly owned company. For many people that would have been the end of the story. But for Adam Goldenberg, it was just the beginning. Almost 12 months later, Intermix purchased a start-up focused on health and fitness called Don Ressler, founder of, and Adam Goldenberg worked well together at Intermix. Eventually Goldenberg and Ressler teamed up create Alena Media, a performance advertising and e-commerce company. It generated millions of dollars and soon parent company Intermix along with Alena Media were purchased by News Corp.

When Intermix and Alena Media were sold in 2005, Adam Goldenberg was only 25 years old. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to start a new business together. They ended up starting several of them. The first was the brand building company Brand Ideas. They also started Intelligent Beauty, an online cosmetics and skincare marketplace, and SENSA, a weight-loss system. The companies were very profitable. In 2010, Goldberg and Ressler another company. It was called JustFab and was an online subscription clothing retailer.

The next year, JustFab co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Ressler brought Kimora Lee Simmons on board as Creative Director and President. Three months later, JustFab had 4 million members. By April 2012, JustFab had 6 million members. JustFab purchased FabKids, a fashion subscription service for kids in January, 2013. In May the company acquired The Fab Shoes, an e-commerce site which marketed European fashions. JustFab then bought ShoeDazzle, a shoe subscription service. Then in October, Goldenberg and Ressler collaborated with Kate Hudson to launch the fashion and athletic wear website Fabletics at