Equities First Holdings – French Tribune

The French Tribune wants to make a case for a specific financial firm. Equities First Holdings wants to restore the different options for loan borrowers. The firm is now the largest holder of stocks in Europe. That bodes well for the future of many businesses out there too. The French Tribune is waiting for people to read up on the details. That could convince many to give Equities First Holdings a real chance in the future.

These stock based loans tend to hold at a lower overall interest rate in good time. That bodes well for a lot of borrowers who need loans at a small interest rate. There are important details now emerging that will give people a chance to do just that. Think through the options and get another look at Equities First Holdings in time. That will prove to be a popular choice people can follow too.

William Saito’s Insights on Teamwork and Failure

While some people are scared to death of all of the responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, there are those who manage to step outside of that and make a successful career. One such person is William Saito. He has learned to develop practically the opposite mindset of what is natural in order to become successful as an entrepreneur. One of the interesting things about being an entrepreneur is that it forces people to really change. One example of a change is the mindset about work and freedom. People need to learn about when they are the most productive. They also have to learn how to structure their days.

William Saito himself has the perfect mindset for being an entrepreneur. He thinks about things from the viewpoint of the customer. This is something many people don’t think about when they try to become entrepreneurs. However, it is important to think like a customer so that they will know how to market and sell their products and services. Another aspect of the entrepreneur’s mindset has a lot to do with innovation. One thing that William Saito points out is that it is important to fail. As a matter of fact one good thing to do is fail fast and fail forward so that one can make progress. This can also help people shed their fear of failure.

Another thing that William Saito has learned is that there is a lot of value in teamwork. A person who tries to do everything all by himself is going to have a ton of struggles. William Saito has learned that the only way things are going to get done is through teamwork. Therefore, he encourages people to help him. At the same time, he appreciates the help he can get from his team.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Sheldon Lavin – Knowledge and Business Experience That Makes Company’s Great

The world loves stories of business success. There is one such story of a butcher shop on a street corner in America that became a provider of multinational food. This is the story of the OSI Group. Today, the OSI Group can proudly claim 65 facilities in 17 countries, and 20,000 employees. The mighty company started small, and is still growing in today’s competitive and globalized economy.

The one thing that is notable about the OSI Group is that its roots originate in the immigration experience. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder, was part of Chicago’s booming German-immigrant population at the turn of the twentieth century. At that time, the city was a major hub of industry for the entire nation. It was also the entry point for millions of immigrants who wanted to pursue a better life in America.

Kolschowsky opened his small meat market and butcher shop, and within a decade his business expanded into wholesale operations. By then, his business was large enough to expand operations to the Chicago suburb of Maywood. In another ten years, his business expanded into Otto & Sons. This business success continued for decades, and then it grew exponentially!

During the transition into a much larger profitable company, and the fact that the sons of Otto reached retirement age, there was a decision to bring on someone who could run the company and take it into the modern age. Sheldon Lavin took on the job of CEO. He had previously served as the company’s investment consultant.

It just so happens that Sheldon Lavin knows how to build and lead businesses to success. His forte is specializing in large scale operations that allow companies to sustain large and complex food supply chains. His knowledge and experience enables him to track a wide variety of elements. These include, but are not limited to, what customers prefer, shortages of resources, and changes in technology. He has an ability to manage companies with an entire array of finicky details.

Sheldon Lavin is a successful because he knows the value of sharing knowledge and responsibilities with those who work closely with him. By delegating authority, Sheldon Lavin is able to consider numerous variables that enable him to make the best decisions for his company.

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Kamil Idris- Politician and Intellectual Property Expert

President Trump recently took measures that will curb intellectual Property theft from American by other countries. The main culprit in this matter is China. China has been the number one violator of international regulations which guide intellectual property. The country is accused of stealing technologies from the United States and running way with them like it was theirs. They use the same technologies to create products which they sell in the United States. As a result of this matter, the United State has been losing over $225 billion every year. President Trump has now come up with a solution that will solve the matter. The United States will no longer be a dumping site for goods from China which have been created using the intellectual property of Americans.

Following the tariffs, the United States will apply tariffs on aluminum and steel goods coming from China. There will be a 20 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum products. President Trump is focused on boosting manufacturing within the United States and ensuring that the country is not consuming too much from China.

The tariffs have not only affected China, but also other countries who have been trading partners with the U.S. Most of the U.S trading partners have expressed concern over the matter. The tariffs were also a cause for alarm the Republicans who feel that China and the European Union which were all affected by the tariff would retaliate by installing stiffer regulations on American goods. There is a likelihood of economic war erupting between the United States and other countries which overall might not be good for the global economy.

This matter has been scrutinized by an intellectual property lawyer and economic expert named Kamil Idris. Idris has been an expert on this matter for many years, and over a decade, he was the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization. He has also been a member of the UN International Law Commission. Kamil Idris expertise on this matter has been recognized by 19 universities which have accorded him honorary degrees.

Kamil Idris is also a politician and has shown interests in politics. In 2010, he vied for the position of President in Sudan.




History Of Mental Health Treatments And Where Roseann Bennett Sees It Going

One of the signs of this era is the improvement of treatment options. There are many more strategies to take care of mental health. One of the major factors that influence the changes in the world of mental health is research and information. More people are discovering the root of different mental disorders. Back in earlier years, people did not really think much about mental health. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


The whole idea was that if one was physically healthy, that is all that mattered. The only type of mental health problem that was treated was insanity. People were locked away in asylums. However, nowadays, there are many different types of therapy and counseling.


There are many people that are also bringing positive influences to the world of mental health. Roseann Bennet is bringing this influence is Roseann Bennett. She meets with a lot of clients everyday with the purpose of giving them new insights that can help them overcome their challenges. One of the many types of therapy she is involved in is marital and family therapy.


Bennett understands the importance of relationships to great mental health. People who do not have good relationships as children are more vulnerable to mental health problems later on in life.


As far as the future of mental health, Roseann Bennett sees a trend towards Telemedicine. This type of medicine involves either calling or texting. One of the major advantages to this type of treatment is the convenience of being able to have a session from anywhere. However, it does come with its drawbacks. One of the interesting things about texting and even calling is that misunderstandings are more likely to happen through text. Even talking on the phone can bring about misunderstandings. Nothing can replace a session in the office with the therapist. Click Here for more information about Bennett.


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William Saito has a Strong Work Ethic that is Reflective of Silicon Valley

People who knows the technology guru William Saito will definitely tell you that he has a solid work ethic. When he was a young boy, Saito worked hard at learning how to take things apart and how to put them back together again. He even did this with a $5,000 computer that his parents brought him during the early 80s. Saito got into a lot of trouble, but he was able to put the thing back together without a problem.


William Saito could write computer code by the time he was in the 5th grade. By the time he was in high school this guy was working with stock brokers solving complex financial calculations. The thing about Saito is that he did much of this work on his own. No one had to prompt him to learn and to grow. He did much of this work by himself. Now, don’t get it wrong. His parents did get on him like any parent does to their child. However, they did not have to go overboard with prompting him to get his studies done or for him to do something with himself. Saito was naturally a smart and inquisitive child.


These characteristics is what helped to shape who he is today. Saito is a technology genius. He does not guess at what he is doing, he knows exactly how a lot of modern computing and security technology works. His company Intecur is at the forefront of the security tech business in Japan. As teen he maximized his work potential and by the time he was in his early 20s he was a CEO of his own company.


Saito is now 43 and he is truly a great tech giant. He relocated to Japan back in 2004 to help his people to improve their technology sector. Currently, Japan’s technology growth is starting to decline. He travels back and forth between his home country and Silicon Valley to work and personal reasons. Saito’s work ethic is truly reflective of the Silicon Valley tech giants who helped to establish the modern technology era.



The ClassDojo Keeps Communication Rolling

The world of education is always going to be running much smoother when there is a communication platform and place. This is what people have found out when they look at ClassDojo. This has become a very valuable tool for teachers and students. More people are able to benefit from this because it allows them to create a dialogue about what is actually going on in the classroom.

Many parents have busy schedules where they may not get a chance to make as many one-on-one conferences with the teachers of their children. The great thing about this is that teachers and parents can download the app, and this becomes a portal into the classroom.

Teachers have the ability to post things that have been done in the classroom. They are able to discuss various concepts that are being taught. Parents get a chance to learn first-hand how their children are learning. This is something that makes ClassDojo one of the more popular apps for parents that want to enhance the communication with parents.

A lot of people have discovered the ClassDojo app because it allows them to learn about how their children are progressing. There are no more surprise classroom projects. There are no more excuses from kids about what they did not know about because the communication system is stronger.

Parents have the ability to see the instruction plans for their kids. They have access to the classroom material as well. This definitely makes the transition much smoother for parents that want to stay connected to what their children are doing.

ClassDojo app has made it incredibly easy for teachers to make sure the parents know what is going on. This communication has become utilized in America and many other different countries. It has become the standard for better communication in education.

More countries are embracing this app because it is available through the web and through smart phones.This makes it possible for more people to access the app at any time. ClassDojo has become the type of app that makes it possible for parents, teachers and students to connect.

Kamil Idris; Thoughtful Articles On Intellectual Property And Chinese Sanctions

Intellectual Property Rights, The President, And Chinese Sanctions

Professor Kamil Idris gives an in-depth explanation about the current sanctions on China put in place by The US President. With the International shakedowns bringing uncertainty in the World Trade sector, President Trump is pulling no punches. His no-nonsense tactics with foreign countries that appear to be stealing, or at the very least, taking advantage of the American People, President Trump is quick to defend and penalize such nations.

Chinese imports are a huge industry in the United States. However a lot of these imports are illegal. Why? They are in fact stolen Intellectual Property. Professor Kamil Idris explains that Intellectual Property is any type of real property that was invented in the mind. Logos, artwork, inventions, ideas, just to name a few. This theft could be costing the US Billions of dollars in lost revenue. The President then added tariffs to recoup some of the loss. Because of the vast numbers of Chinese products worldwide, critics are concerned that the President may trigger a trade war. The President disagrees, however, and stands firm in his sanctions.

A Celebration Of Human Creativity

The World Intellectual Property day, as explained by Professor Kamil Idris, is a paramount celebration of the ingenuity of the human species. Without Intellectual Property rights in place, the ability to be unique and creative would not be brought to the world by protecting the art and giving sole ownership to the creator.

In honoring the creative mind of humanity, we are essentially highlighting the beauty of the evolving world around us. If the ancients had never inscribed crude drawings on rock walls, perhaps Van Gogh would not have the paintings displayed in museums that exist today. Without the Wright Brothers, bustling airports would function completely different, if at all. From one invention evolves another, as the human mind always looks for bigger and better ways to be progressive.

International Peacekeeping

Professor Kamil Idris’ expertise is in International law, and he prides himself in being a peacekeeper. He is often requested by prestigious organizations for very delicate matters that he arbitrates with the clients. The Professor resides in Sudan, where he is actively working for the Arbitration Courts to provide fair representation and arbitration to clients from around the world. His goal is bring peace into the courtroom, where both parties can leave feeling accomplished and satisfied with the decisions made therein.


LimeCrime: Taking a Look at What They’re Offering

Lime Crime is one of the world’s most renowned cosmetics lines. Headed by the Queen of Unicorns, herself, Doe Deere, LimeCrime is at the forefront of the beauty industry and is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup world.

What sets this company apart from most is the fact that they are 100% completely vegan. The brand’s CEO, Russian-born Doe Deere, is vegan and decided that everything that bears her name should be cruelty-free as well.

Deere is known for living a strictly vegan lifestyle, and because of this, she and her company’s products are preferred in the vegan community above other name brand makeup lines.

What kind of products does the company have available? All kinds. From lip toppers to eye palettes, Lime Crime has it all, and Doe Deere is often seen rocking Lime Crime’s makeup and giving makeup tutorials.

Lime Crime has makeup for every skin tone and every ethnicity. This means that any girl who sees the bold and bright colors and decides that she wants to join Team Unicorn can do so. The company has women of many ethnicities on their web page and social media pages.

LimeCrime does not merely specialize in cosmetics, however; they also have amazing hair products. Hair dyes are one of the products that keep all of the ladies on Team Unicorn very happy.

There are multiple hues available for women who wish to change their hair colors.

Women can choose a chalky grey hue. This dye is very dark and reminds some unicorns of powerful storm clouds.

Another color is Sea Witch. This is basically teal. It is a smooth blue-green and deeply resembles a glittering mermaid’s tail.

Chestnut is the company’s grey dye. Women can rock flawless grey locks no matter their ages.

Women and girls alike are able to be their true authentic selves when they use LimeCrime makeup. Thanks to Doe Deere and LimeCrime’s vision, becoming a unicorn has become a much easier dream to reach.

Mike Burwell Of Willis Towers Watson Shares Thoughts On Success And Life

Michael Burwell works with Willis Towers Watson as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Before joining the team at Willis, Burwell spent 31 years of his career with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Burwell prepared for his career with an undergraduate degree in business administration obtained from Michigan State University. Burwell is also a certified public accountant and was named alumni of the year by MSU in 2010. View Additional Info Here.


Michael Burwell took a moment recently to share a few thoughts.


What Does Your Day Look Like Typically


On most days I am out of bed at 5 AM. I make my bed immediately, even when on the road. Doing this makes me feel as if I accomplished something. Exercise is usually the first order of the day and I like to ride a stationary bike. While riding, I have the chance to plot my day.


What Is A Habit Of Yours That Promote Productivity


I have always been interested in learning how to do more with less. To this end, I think technology can be used to make talented people even more productive. I always tell friends and acquaintances the apps that I use to increase productivity and they share the same information with me.



Is There Any Advice You Would Give A Younger Version Of Yourself


Yes. Be careful of seeking to appease others while collaborating. While it is nice if everyone can be happy when working as a group, people pleasing can be a surefire way to failure.



What Is A Business Strategy You Have Benefitted From


Remember that everyone will always be able to explain to you why your ideas will not work. It is a necessity to be both positive and relentless. I always take the time to celebrate with team members and carefully assess the reasons behind our wins and losses.



What Is A Habit You Do Over And Over That Has Brought You Success


I learned long ago the importance of becoming a good listener. Everyone has interesting information to offer. The question is always if time will be invested in discovering it.



What Is The Best $100 You Have Recently Spent


Well, I paid $100 for a briefcase chord organizer. I do a lot of traveling and it has been extremely helpful to have all my cords organized.


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